August 29, 2017

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Must Have Tests


Hello All,

I would like to brief about my experience of using Gmat club tests, specially quants.
These are an amazing set of CATs one has access to. It goes beyond what other tests offer even gmat prep quants.
It has questions with those subtle variation in meaning one can easily miss. Bunel is a great Math expert. His solutions always make me wonder how a question can be solved in such a brilliant way.I personally felt a great difference when I practiced those. Initially it will be tough but as you pick up you will start scoring in 48-49 .Personally, these tests are an asset to people targetting Q49+.

For verbal, it has some really difficult SC questions which you should solve only during latter part of your preparation.

One biggest advantage that the Gmat club tests offer is that they ahve the same look and feel of gmat prep and official gmat. It makes you used to the UI and you get more confident in the process.

I love these tests and I am gonna stick to gmatclub forever !

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