July 04, 2018

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QA is awesome but VA needs some more due diligence


First of all, thanks BB & Team for creating such a great community to help everyone out there in the GMAT world.

I must say that QA Section of GMAT Club Test is really good. Quality of questions and their explanations really helped in scoring 50 in my first attempt. My verified score can be seen under my profile.

But I really feel that explanations in verbal section can be improved further. Many times, when I was looking for the explanation, I saw explanation as "Awkward Construction". Being a non-native English speaker, I need to understand each and every bit of the explanation. I personally feel that the kind of explanation that Bunuel gives for QA questions, Daagh is someone who do the same kind of work in VA.

I would like to thank GMAT CLUB Community which gave me enough encouragement for my next attempt.

Thanks all!

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