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Course Veritas Prep Full Course Live Online

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I took my first GMAT in April and scored in the 50th percentile. Immediately after exiting the test center I called my parents and told them, "This score suggests that I'm average. I am not average. I am retaking the test." I'd studied on my own for four months up to that point and it clearly wasn't good enough, so I started looking around for courses I could take on the weekends. I live about three hours from the closest large city, so I knew I would have some difficulties finding classes. On top of that, I work ~50-60HRS/week and had just started a new relationship. Basically, I had zero free time. Reading the reviews, Veritas Prep was significantly higher rated than just about any other prep course--why wouldn't you want to learn from the best of the best? Granted, you'll pay a small fortune for it, but sometimes you have to pay money to make money. Looking through the available courses, I realized I was doomed to take an online class. I am easily distracted by the Internet and have always preferred small classes where you can get to know the professor, but this was the only option I had and I sure as heck wasn't going to pass up a chance to improve my score and get into the program of my dreams. Luckily, the first day of class put me at ease. Ravi Sreerama is an absolute riot to learn from. Combine a military father with an outdated fraternity paddle and you've got Ravi. He's sitting on your shoulder reminding you, "I don't need you to love this answer. Just like it more than the others," and shaming you for not catching the trick. You will never truly understand shame until you answer a question incorrectly and see his name pop up on your chat bar. Not to mention, I had a stellar group of classmates who I've kept in touch with since the course. I did have to learn about diligence and not creating distractions for myself, but turns out that was a great experience. I've already recommended several friends to Veritas Prep.

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