November 11, 2017

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Successful snipershot with Admissionado


My brother-in-law advised me to reach out to Admissionado consultants and use the free consultation call to reconfirm my application strategy.

During the call with Marcela, I was given very realistic expectations regarding the chance to get accepted to certain schools taking into account my candidate profile and stats, including the age of 30+ that is way above the average age of applicants. In addition, Marcela was happy to give me a high level review of my ready-to-submit essays.

As a result of the call, I reconsidered my approach and decided to focus and snipershot; apply to only one school that was my #1 choice, INSEAD.

Admissionado was also very flexible with creating a customized package of services for me. I was given a certain discount for the Junior Deluxe package and used the "saved" funds to include additional CV review service into my package.

I really enjoyed personal involvement of my consultant, the process and the speed with which we proceeded through INSEAD "beast" application (3 motivation and 4 job essays).I was very happy that consultants did not stick to formal 72-hours turn around and came back with recommendations earlier whenever it was possible. I thank the rest of Admissionado team, who helped Marcela to review my application and essays to have a 360-review of my story.

If you're now in the similar situation, looking for a consultant to help shape up your MBA application, my advise is to fill out their really creative questionnaire and do the one hour consultation. I am very certain that even one hour talk with consultants will make a substantial impact on how you will approach your application. However, if you continue your engagement with Admissionado, I guarantee that entire team will be there for you to bring all your best and show in the most beneficial way in the application.

On separate note, I would like to thank Claudia for her patience while waiting for my long-promised review!

It is less than two months before I start my MBA with INSEAD in Fontainebleau!

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