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A quiet and unperturbed location


This particular test center is on McCarthy Blvd and is tucked away amidst legacy empty silicon valley companies. The venue has enough parking slots and the main test center housed inside the building can be found easily using the information board at the lobby. Be prepared to see nobody since this part of San Jose is sort of abandoned for some reason.
Once you enter the main test center, you are given a token and a form to fill. When its your turn you do whats needed and they give you a locker to put all your personals. Nothing is allowed into the main test room.
You enter the testing area one at a time, after being called and a person verifies your identity. You will not be frisked per say but you have to undo any buttons on your sleeves and empty your pockets. You may feel like you are at an airport but hey whatever it takes to get in! If you are wearing glasses, they will be checked for hidden technology.
Once inside, you will be directed to your desk and be given a pad and couple of pens. When you run out of the pad, you must raise your hand and get a new one. The person who checks you outside the door will suggest getting a new pad instead of wiping it. Don't wipe it! Its a colossal waste of time.

During the break you are allowed access to your belongings but you cannot access material. I suggest taking some gatorade and/or a banana to rejuvenate. The same drill repeats when you re-enter.

Before leaving the test center make sure you take your belongings with you.

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