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I signed up to the EmpowerGMAT course after doing some research on the online courses available that could be completed in one month.

I had already taken the GMAT with some preparation but unfortunately it didn't go as planned. I got a 600 Q38V34. My scores from practice tests were much better so I was really angry. The EmpowerGMAT course made me realize that if I wanted to improve in one month I had to focus on the most frequently tested areas.

Quant: My situation in quant was a bit atypical. I was REALLY good at some complex subjects such as probability, combinations, multi shaped geometry and overlapping sets. But I was failing at subjects such as remainders and percentages. If you don't know it yet you will learn it in your Empower course: some subjects are worth little points and some other are worth a lot. I was good at the ones that were worth less so I had to focus on getting those easier problems correct first. Rich's approach helped me in two fundamental ways: firstly, Test It works wonders on A LOT of problems and secondly, you should prioritize some type of questions over others. I'll tell you this now: focus on getting insanely good at Test It. My score in Quant wasn't great but I truly believe that Test It is the right approach for non-math guys like me.

Verbal: I'm not a native speaker but since the beginning I was better at the verbal section than the quant one. It came more naturally and I found it much easier. My lowest verbal score was actually in my first GMAT (V34), I remember finding that exam extremely difficult, much more than what I had seen at the CATs. I was already really good at CR and RC without taking notes so I didn't follow Max's advice in that aspect, but mainly because I had very little time to get good at doing that. My weakness in verbal came from SC so I followed Max's advice thoroughly and I saw a really good improvement. Once again, Empower is focused on teaching you the most common type of questions. It was the same for SC, they helped me realize that the mistakes are usually the same, you just need to get rid of all the fillers.

Overall I consider it a very good and focused course. I came with some background since I had bought and read all the Manhattan Guides before doing the Empower Course but you could totally get a good score by only following this course. The only reason I'm not giving them 5 stars is because the web page course interface could be better. Apart from that they know what they are doing and they will teach you what you need to know to succeed, nothing more and nothing less.

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