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A Must Have in the GMAT Arsenal


The GMAT CLUB tests are a must have for GMAT preparation.
I took at least 15 Math CATs and did not take English CATs. So, henceforth everything would be regarding Math CATs.
I would break down my rating on the basis of the following parameters:
1. Quality of questions/solutions: 5; really top-quality questions and very helpful solutions
2. Timing constraint: 4.75; Most of the tests are very well packaged and if you prepare well you will just be able to complete on time. Keeps you on toes.
3. The similarity to GMAT: 4.5; Questions are a tad bit difficult than real GMAT. However, this is helpful in the preparation phase. If you practice these expect at least +2 points from your usual score.

GMAT CLUB CATs was the sole material I used for math practice. I felt the higher difficulty very amusing. Usually, difficult problems are intimidating but when you go through the solutions you always end up learning something really helpful. I usually scored 46-50 on the practice tests and was able to achieve my target score in the real GMAT.

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