May 19, 2016

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Kellogg and Tuck admits, thank you SBC for Adcom expertise!


I worked with SBC on an hourly first arrangement and then quickly converted to the comprehensive service once I realized the value. I worked with Rebeka on the SBC team. She was incredibly attentive and insightful and her former MBA Admissions was an incredible advantage. I also had another former Admissions Officer review my application. I received a critical report from Lisa and that was really helpful, as Rebeka and I used that feedback to polish the application before submitting. Rebeka guided me on every step in the process. I am a "non-traditional" applicant as I worked in nonprofit in NYC. I needed to explain why the MBA and why now because I already had another Masters degree. Ultimately, while the investment in SBC is costly, I don't think my application would have come close to the quality without SBC's influence. Rebeka didn't write my essays-- it was entirely my own voice. But, she made sure I addressed glaring issues and identified my greatest strengths--- that perspective is impossible to have without the help of a consultant who has placed volumes of applicants. I felt very confident going into my interview because I knew my value as a MBA candidate. My experience was fantastic and don't think I would have been accepted to Kellogg and Tuck without the inside knowledge and active mentorship and dedication of the SBC team.

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