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15 mocks at super-affordable price


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Course Experts' Global "Must Have" GMAT Review

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I had only enrolled for the 15 mocks at $50. It's both affordable and accurate. I don't think one requires more than this. The solutions to each and every question is explained concisely, which itself is much of a relevant content to study.
The IR as well as AWA section is good for practice.
You just need to refer the points mentioned in solution section for AWA to get hold of the section.
My actual GMAT score was inline with the scores of mocks, which makes them to be quite accurate.
Experts' Global website includes a much helpful repository of short videos related to concepts and that to for free, but
I seldom used them.
The best part about the mock was its analytics that you get after you complete a test. It's quite insightful to identify you strong/weak areas.
I cannot say whether the exam is adaptive since, they themselves mention on their site that the test doesn't start from extremely low-level questions but it was not much of a concern for me.
Their YouTube channel is equally helpful as it includes a number of short videos to the explanations of the questions asked in their mocks.
I would definitely suggest to go for the mocks.

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