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You won’t regret choosing Sriram’s services. Honestly, he has been more helpful than any friend, teacher, peer, confidant I have met and asked for help. Prior to applying, I had gone to several people for help, but it was only after going to Sriram when I was able to actually improve my application. It was the best decision I made. As a result, I was able to get into my top choice MIT Sloan in Round 3.

Right from the start, Sriram was patient and very sharp to understand my industry and experiences. He was able to ask questions that helped me formulate my thoughts and think deeper about my application. As a result, I was able to carefully handle my weaknesses, bolster my strengths, and convey my ideas in my essays and videos in a very eloquent manner. Even more so, I was able to improve my writing quality by thinking about the why, the important details, structure, style, etc, which are all skills that are necessary in any kind of writing. Moreover, Sriram was also able to help me tailor my responses to the particular school I was applying for.

For interviews, Sriram was extremely patient. I really struggled getting back into interview mode after job interviews, but Sriram patiently highlighted the specific aspects of my responses that needed work, which left me with actionable items to work on. This is a gamechanger because most people give generic feedback or leave me feeling like I know what the problem is, but not how to solve it. Sriram’s biggest strength is getting you think about things in a different light.

Sriram is very friendly and amicable. His responses were so quick- most of the time < 24 hours. He has very high standards and pushes you to reach your maximum potential. He has plenty of resources and is an amazing person in general to get to know. I was just inspired just by his work ethic!

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