February 14, 2013

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It was start of December and I was really struggling to kick start my essays or to be more precise I was not able to locate the starting point. I need some help desperately,but from whom??. There are lots and lots of advertising and opportunity cost is not limited to couple of grand’s it is more in terms of a year of failure. Being always a low key event I cannot discuss this in public, one of my best friend advised me of 'AdmissionAdo', as he himself experienced them while applying to 1st round of business schools. I was only gonna apply to my dream school and I cannot afford to lose on account of poor consultant service.

Mid December - I applied for free consultation of 'admissionado' and after series of mail and careful analysis of my profile their administrator 'Lauren Hersk' referred me to 'Mark Lellouch' - a dynamic stanford passout - as consultant and after an hour long discussion with Mark on the same day I, having no doubt about 'Admission Ado' took their service in the form of 'Junior Deluxe' package.

The unexpected thing - I thought after hiring the consultant I can relax and most of the work would be done by him. But I end up putting thrice the amount of work that I would have done without a consultant, end result - the best application that I could ever manage.

Mark with his excellent soft skills and precise analysis have always pushed me harder in terms of writing essays. One thing that I really admired about him is his 'honest feedback'. I clearly remember the time when he told me after seeing my first draft that you need to change your one of the essays otherwise you are not getting through. He gave me an independent and thorough review of my profile followed by detailed analysis of the essays and pushed me really hard to think about 'n' different things that I would have simply ignored without him. The last but not least since I was running really short of time and Mark made sure that he delivered me the reviewed draft asap.

I am really thankful to the full team of admissionado and especially Mark to be such a great contributor to the application.

Oh and I forgot to tell - I have received the interview call from 'the one' and preparing for it.
If you are serious about your application and don’t want to take any chances, I advised you to have a free consultation with ‘AdmissionAdo’

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