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Excellent admissions consultant


After being dinged at H/S/W last year, I decided to use SBC first for ding analysis, and ultimately as a resource in reapplying this year. I did a good bit of research before selecting them and did so because (a) they have a large team, many of which were adcom members at top business schools and (b) they demonstrated significant expertise in each interaction I had with them.

While using an admissions consultant is a major investment, if you've decided you're going to pursue an MBA the incremental cost is relatively small, and the benefit is real in ensuring you have a shot at your dream schools. I worked with Meghan, a former Wharton adcom member who knew the ins and outs of the application process, beginning with a 2 hour kick-off discussion on my past experience, career goals, and potential schools. She helped me sift through my various professional and personal experiences to determine which are worth highlighting in essays as I crafted my narrative. She also gave me very tangible advice to strengthen my application, including re-taking the GMAT to aim for a higher quant score (which I wouldn't have done otherwise) and revisiting my LoR strategy.

We then went through 4-5 rounds of edits on my resume and each essay for the schools I was applying to. The improvement from my first draft to final copy was marked, and I have Meghan to thank for much of that. Your consultant won't write your essays, but she can offer invaluable perspective on how best to position your story to stand out. She put me at ease throughout the process and was very accessible.

One other differentiator worth calling out it SBC's wealth of resources available to clients. These include a free flight test for those who purchase an all-in package (which is a dry run at a profile evaluation), a number of resources for each school on strategy for essays and interviews, and other resources who are available as a second/third opinion when needed. This is a large, well-established group that clearly knows what they're doing.

I was admitted to Booth and Wharton first round (2/2 for the schools I worked with Meghan on), and attribute a good deal of my success to the guidance she provided. I'd recommend Meghan and SBC more broadly as an excellent resource for those serious about gaining admission to top business schools.

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