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I was someone that would always try and start a self-study course only to let it go to waste. I dreaded standardized tests and had no confidence, until I started my studying with Manhattan Prep's in-person class. I definitely needed a class to get me on a strict schedule to study and besides Christine, there were some great other instructors at Manhattan with a lot of options if you missed a class. Their offices are also convenient and nice, and preferable than trying to study at home. I felt the homework load was very manageable and effective, and that their tests were a little harder than the official GMATPrep's, but perhaps that sets you up for success in the end. I also complemented my studies with a Veritas in-person tutor to focus mainly on Verbal and my weak areas, but can say the unique Manhattan resources like the Navigator were the best out there. All in all, I started my first practice test at 640 and ended with a 760 on the first attempt, and can attest that these resources were reasons I was able to get there.

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