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I tried it- huge stack of books, MGMAT online prep ($1200), GMAT club tests, countless hours of studying. Finally I gave Math Revolution a shot!! I tend to get in my own way in the GMAT testing facility, but I went into the test with confidence knowing I could score well. I did a poor job of managing my time unfortunately and found myself with 7 questions to go in 7 minutes. I was still able to achieve my highest quant score after 5 tries-- a 47. Without a doubt, if I took it again and paid more attention to the clock I am confident I could score 49+. You absolutely cannot beat Math Revolution for the material, the price, and the ease of learning. Seriously, MGMAT will teach you the basics for 10 times the cost, but if you want the best Quant course out there-- try Math Revolution! Your wallet will thank you and you'll be impressed with the material. I will add that Jin was extremely responsive and happy to answer all my questions (there were alot too) along the way.

-750 GMATer

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