November 16, 2016

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The test centre was really conveniently located, and it's easy to find it on Google Maps too. There is space to park one's car as well, so thats a bonus.
The centre is a little tiny, and it may feel a little claustrophobic if all 6 computers are occupied. I was scared when 5 apart from me were taking GMAT, as we all started together so the 8 mins break would mean sharing one toilet but it has two toilets.
The lockers are one above the other and felt a little inconvenient. However, staff at centre is very nice and friendly, and they will assist you through everything.
The place needs a little bit of refurbishment i think, to make it a little bigger (even if no. of PCs remains the same).
Arrive 30-45 mins in advance to avoid waiting for too long if the centre is full.

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