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Being a non native verbal has been my biggest issue since the day I have started preparing for the GMAT. I started my prep for GMAT in 2015 and since then have given the test three time and scored 520,590 and 530 respectively. After the last exam I was exhausted and frustrated wondering what should I do now when all the material OG2017,Aristotle and Manhattan guides have not been enough.

After some thought and job changing in September 2017. I wanted to start again afresh for the GMAT so I started searching online for courses for non native. Finally my search ended when I went through a webinar of critical reasoning by E-Gmat. Just after that I again solved some question on that very day of critical reasoning and I was surprised with myself. The question understanding and pre-thinking came naturally. Even though the question if marked incorrectly I was clear of argument and could eliminate some question not on guesswork but understanding.

I thought to myself that if 1 hour of webinar could have such impact what wonder I could do if the attended the full course.

As a result after 3-4 month the verbal Scholaranium which has a good mix of section wise question my accuracy improved from 20% to 85% in CR. The E-gmat SC process is such that even the toughest question can be broken down easily and given the spread of question in SC Scholaranium we can asses our strength and weakness section wise. Regarding the RC section the best part was that passages are not divived by short or long but by types of passages ex.humanities.

The Scholaranium has another beneficial thing the skill data where we can asses our weakness and strength across various things like for RC is main idea questions are my strength and inference my weakness spread across easy, medium and hard question.

With all these tool I now have a better understanding of the verbal section.

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