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SBC Will Exceed Your Expectations


PSA: I want to start off by saying this. Get a consultant if you're anxious about your future MBA prospects. There is no way to quantify the benefit of having someone consistently help you through the process and provide a sense of security during this time of anxiety and stress.

I worked with Yvette at SBC and we hit it off pretty quickly laying out the groundwork around my applicant profile and helping me focus on my strengths and weaknesses. The best part of our initial conversation was her ability to navigate through the mess that I call my brain and help me shape the application ideas that were already there. She was there with me each step of the way and once we got to the Flight Test, it truly felt like I had put together a competitive deliverable. Yvette will always get back to you within 24 hours (usually within 1 hour to be honest).

Once we got to the interview stage, things will slow down a little as it's more of a waiting game for the interview invite. At this point, Yvette helped me to frame the message of my profile from the typical "Tell me about yourself" to tackling various behavioral questions. The mock interview was crucial because Yvette helped me to confront the anxieties I had when it came to my own self-confidence when it comes to how I come off as an interviewee. From there, the only way was up and I used SBC's interviewstream platform and practiced until I knew I mastered the questions.

Even though I only had Yvette help me with one of the schools, the way she helped me through my application was easily transferable to my other schools and I did well with all my applications!

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