March 30, 2017

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* Quantiative Tests
Along with Manhattan CATs, GMATCLUB Quantitative Tests are of my favourite. Thank to the question pools of quantitative, I got 49 in Quantitative section. The percentage of tough/difficult questions is high compared to the low-level one's. That might make us acquainted to 700+ questions in real tests (honestly I think that the 700+ questions of real test is not as difficult as GMATCLUB Tests's ones).

The negative sides of the quantitative questions is:
_ The explanations are sometimes not easy to consume.
_ The questions of graphs (Quadratic Equation) and coordination geometry is quite rare.
_ Few questions are unnecessarily difficult.

* Verbal
_ If all you want is to improve your verbal points. Don't opt for GMATCLUB Tests. To be honest, it does not have a good question pool of verbals. The real verbal questions are not like the ones of the GMATCLUB Tests. Some questions are weird and their explanation are even more weird :).

Having said that, GMATCLUB Tests are still worthwhile. However the pricing is quite expensive to premium members or the one who has already purchased GMAT Toolkit. It should discount more for the ones who either purchase any product from GMATCLUB.

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