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GMAT Club's Test Interface

GMAT Tests by GMAT Club

If you are looking for a way to improve your Quantitative (Quant) or Verbal GMAT scores, we recommend you try GMAT Tests by GMAT Club. One math gmat test and one verbal gmat test are offered online free to anyone who has a GMAT Club account. Over the years, many of our more than 50,000 members took advantage of these tests and provided feedback to build up a database of questions that are aligned with the real test. Right now, more than 1,200 GMAT questions are available to test your knowledge and find any cracks and weaknesses in quantitative and verbal topics tested on the gmat:

  • Arithmetic (number properties, fractions, powers, roots, absolute value, special symbols, and complex logic questions)
  • Algebra
  • Word Problems (work problems, mixture problems, group (neither/both) problems, sets, rate, minimum/maximum)
  • Geometry questions (both basic geometry as well as coordinate geometry)
  • Statistics questions (testing the concepts of standard deviation, mean, mode, and range)
  • Probability (single, multiple, and combined events)
  • Combination and Permutation questions
  • Several logic and non-pattern questions
  • Critical Reasoning (bold face and underlined questions)
  • Sentence Correction
  • Reading Comprehension

Our GMAT Tests were designed to be harder than any other product on the market and harder than the real GMAT. With more than 1,200 questions, you are guaranteed to master the concepts covered on the test. Giving you hard and relevant questions, we don't waste your time on subjects and concepts you already know but rather push the envelope to test multiple concepts in a single question, similar to something a hard real GMAT question would do. Everything about our tests is designed to match the official GMAT test experience: the interface closely resembles the test environment and our questions do not go outside the boundaries of topics set by the GMAT but rather focus on concepts and solutions often overlooked by standardized preparation companies.

However, you are not on your own - we have an entire forum dedicated to our GMAT tests - here you can ask for additional explanations, check on a rule or principle, and get feedback from the other members on how to improve.

Finally, one of the most interesting parts about our tests is that you are graded based on a percentile scale - instead of a 550 or 720, we give you your percentile, so you know how your results measure up against other test takers. Our GMAT test results database includes thousands of entries to help you get an accurate representation of your performance.

We invite you to try our GMAT tests - they are free and require a simple registration that will enable you to save test results and keep track of progress. If after the trial you want to gain access to the remaining tests, you can get free access by participating in GMAT Club's community or pay a flat fee of $79 - both options will provide you with unlimited access to all of the current and future test questions.

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