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Real-Life Knowledge You Need to Know for the GMAT

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For the GMAT Verbal section, on Critical Reading and Reading Comprehension, you are not expected to have specialized expertise in the topics they discuss. Sometimes, though, it is particularly helpful to have general real world knowledge. If you make a habit of reading regularly– either...

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How GMAT reading differs from everyday reading

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Let’s first note the two reasons why we read in everyday life: We read because we are required (for real-life purposes) to be knowledgeable about the content we are reading: studying for a history exam, delivering on a business proposal, etc. We read because we have a...

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Share your GMAT experience, GMAT low 700s vs 750+, RC

By - Oct 4, 10:46 AM   Comments [0]

630 to 770 (Q49, V47) - share your GMAT experience GMAT Low 700s vs 750+ - do top schools value 750+ scores more? 760 (Q49, V44) - considering a retake, am I crazy? RC - rules and principles

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Knewton GMAT Prep Tip: What to read to help your Reading Comprehension

By - Mar 16, 06:34 AM   Comments [0]

Alex Sarlin is the lead Verbal Developer at Knewton, helping students with their GMAT prep. Our students often ask about reading materials that help prepare them for the Reading Comp section of the test. While we always remind them that the reading comprehension section is, at...

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GMAT Tests (Math and Verbal) by GMAT Club

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If you are looking for a way to improve your Quantitative (Quant) or Verbal GMAT scores, we recommend you try GMAT Tests by GMAT Club. One math gmat test and one verbal gmat test are offered online free to anyone who has a GMAT...

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