Another College and MBA Admissions Round Up

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Here are some news tidbits from last week:

  • BusinessWeek reported some good news last week regarding the job market, particularly for new college graduates. The National Association of Colleges and Employers reported a turnaround in college hiring. Surveys show that the recent economic recession hit college graduates ages 22 to 27 among the hardest. BW states that this new job market optimism may be a bit premature, but remains hopeful from this year’s graduates.
  • Ash Martin, an MBA student at MIT Sloan, writes in BusinessWeek early last week about his experience with the MBA internship. Martin describes the internship as a test: A company evaluates your performance in a particular job. Do you fit with this office’s environment? Can you get the job done? Can you put your MBA skills to good use? Martin explains that your MBA internship should not be something you should fear (like possibly other tests you’ve taken in your life) but one that you enter with confidence—it’s a test, after all, that you should know all the answers to.
  • As India’s middle class emerges, so does the growing desire to study abroad at a top college or graduate school program in the U.S. A recent article in The Chronicle explains that international college recruitment is at an all-time high in India. The streets, taxis, and storefronts in New Delhi, according to the article, are plastered with advertisements for test-prep and admissions counseling and promises of securing a solid educational future abroad. Many factors contribute to this increasingly popular trend of attending overseas universities, but one reason remains strictly practical: The Indian universities simply cannot accommodate the number of students who would ideally attend locally. Colleges in Britain and Australia have pursued more active recruitment strategies than the American universities, which in general have little trouble attracting Indian students.
  • In an effort to expand its global footprint, the Financial Times reports, Harvard Business School will open its first overseas branch in Shanghai. The new Shanghai facility will open its doors this month for short executive courses and will serve as a base for full-time MBA students involved in international projects. ~ Helping You Write Your Best

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