Top Tier Universities Launch Online M.A. Programs

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While the concept of online education is hardly revolutionary, among top tier universities it is virtually unheard of. That is…until recently. Dartmouth, Cornell, and NYU, three elite institutions, are among the first to venture into the world of online programs. Cornell and NYU offer online professional and management programs, while Dartmouth has taken the leap to launch a new online M.A. program.

According to a U.S. News article, professors from Dartmouth's Tuck School of Business and its Institute for Health Policy and Clinical Practice will be joining forces to teach in Dartmouth's new online M.A. program. The 18-month program, which is geared towards mid-career healthcare leaders, will award graduates of the program with a Master of Health Care Delivery Science Degree.

Unlike most other online programs that are designed to help students save money, Dartmouth's new program will cost a whopping $85,000. Working professionals will be able to keep their jobs, as only six weeks are required on campus; the rest of the classes will be conducted online.

Another difference from mainstream online programs? Dartmouth doesn't plan to use the program to reach a multitude of students. The first session will be limited to 50 students; the tone of the program—intense and intimate.

"This is our first significant foray into distance education," says Tuck's Dean Paul Danos. "This program gets us into a distance mode and we're creating [online] platforms." But, adds Danos, this is not the "type of distance learning where they need thousands of people. This is very personal—lots of hand-holding and lots of personal attention." ~ Helping You Write Your Best

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