April Fools Prophecies

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It's April Fools Day so I feel like being a pundit, which is not that far removed from being a fool. The main difference between pundits and fools: Pundits are right, and fools are wrong. However events will determine which category the pontificator falls into long after the prediction is forgotten.

In any case, here are my predictions for application volume in various specialities:

  • MBA application volume at the top 20 schools will increase in 2011-12. Recruiting is going well this year says the rumor mill, and reliable sources too. The economic news is predominantly upbeat. Barring some major catastrophe, like oil going to $200 a barrel or Japan taking a greater hit from the earthquake/tsunami/nuclear reactor meltdown than is anticipated now, good news will to dominate, and applications to business school are going to increase.
  • The insanity in college admissions at elite schools will continue. More applicants applying to more colleges so acceptance rates continue to tank, making the programs look increasingly exclusive. And causing parents to become increasingly gray while their anxious offspring bite their nails and worse.
  • Law school application volume will also continue to tank until the associate job market comes back. I am a big supporter of transparency in law school recruiting reports. I hope and believe that the nascent trends towards more transparency, more practical legal education, and greater realism among applicants who will insist on looking at the costs along with the potential benefits of a legal education, will continue, albeit slowly and with a lot of kicking and screaming along the way.
  • Medical application volume. I don't expect significant change.

So let me know whether I am a fool or a pundit.

By Linda Abraham, Accepted's president and founder.

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