GMAT Club 2011 in Review

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GMATClub Year In Review

Welcome to a special-edition post from the GMAT Club! We thought it would be interesting to see what 2011 looked like in terms of forum activity. The level of activity, interesting forum threads and blog posts gave us the idea to share our findings with the community.

Since everything that happens at GMAT Club is due to our community members and their passion and zeal, we would like to extend a heartfelt thanks to everyone who makes this community click!

Here's to 2011 and we hope everyone has a great 2012! We hope you enjoy the stats below.

GMAT Club Most Activity



Most Posts Made by a Member: Fluke contributed 2246 posts to GMAT Club

Most Active Chat Person: lala10

Most Popular Blog Post: Top GMAT Books had over 3900 views: See the post here.

Most Popular Forum Post: GMAT Flashcards had over 53,000 views: See the post here.

GMAT Club Most Helpful



Most Helpful GMAT Prep Expert: VeritasPrepKarishma

Most Helpful Moderator: Fluke

Most Helpful MBA Admissions Consultant: AlexMBAApply

GMAT Club Most Kudos



Most Kudos Points Earned: Banuel earned 963 kudos. Speaking of Banuel, If you are serious about studying for GMAT Quant, stay tuned for an announcement in Thursday's newsletter!

Most Kudos Points Given: Fluke gave out 375 kudos

GMAT Club Admissions



The Most Schools Applied To: ssinha and TheSenator took on the daunting task of applying to 13 schools!

Users accepted to the most schools: 11 GMAT Club members were accepted to 4 schools. Congratulations to LSEguy, sgms767, JoelCairo, Mandykins, adrianbr, osbornecox, RAS2012, GarryBirring, artuursk and cpcv!

Admitted to a Top 10 With the Lowest GMAT Score: CrimsonParadisiac made it into Chicago Booth with a 610

Schools Most Members Applied To: Wharton

GMAT Club Honorable Mentions



Highest GMAT Score by a member: Michaels and blink005 tied with an 800!

Most Improved in GMAT (difference between scores): goodbyebody leaped from a 500 to a 690, a 190 point improvement!

Oldest Member: chuckerb is 56

Number of Countries Represented on the Site: 217


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