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What is the Official Guide Tracker

The OG13 tracker is an online interactive tool that lets you record your responses as you study from the Official Guide book. Why record your responses? So you can refer back to them later on. You'll also be able to post your questions for each OG13 question and get a response - something you won't get if you just mark up your textbook.

Does it have a timer?

Yes, each question has a timer. You can click the play button and the timer will begin. once you click "confirm answer" your response will be recorded into the database. The timer for the current question will stop and the timer for the next question will begin.

What if I have a question?

Each question has a discussion link. While the entire question itself is not printed on the screen, there is a page number listed so you can reference the full question from your book. Post any questions you have on the discussion link. Note that non-GMAT Pill members will not receive a guaranteed response.

Does OG13 Tracker include both Diagnostic questions and practice questions

Yes. The Official Guide has diagnostic questions closer to the beginning of the book. Then the bigger sets of of practice questions afterwards. In the OG13 Tracker, you will see both diagnostic and practice questions in sentence correction and problem solving. Each question has the page number listed corresponding to that question in the Official Guide 13th edition book.

For example, in Sentence Correction (the very first tab), you will see SC Diagnostic #35 to #52 from page 93 to page 104 in the OG. But in the second tab below the first one labeled "OG Practice: SC (140)" you will see the 140 sentence correction questions from OG. The same is true for the diagnostic and practice portions of problem solving.

How are the OG13 questions broken down?

See the below pie chart illustrating the breakdown of OG questions by SC frameworks:

Are there page numbers?

Yes, listed next to each question is the page number for which that question is listed in the Official Guide. As you use this tracker, you should have your book open in front of your computer. You can record your responses as you study.

So that's a quick peek into the OG13 tracker from GMAT Pill.

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