Advance Your Personal Goals NOW!

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Advance Your Personal Goals NOW!

Personal GoalsWe have noted before in our Mission Admission series that it is never too late to improve your business school candidacy by engaging in community activities. Today, we send a similar message with regard to personal leadership—you always have time to take steps to bolster your chances of admission.

Many business school candidates completely ignore the personal side of their candidacy. But if you have completed a triathlon, learned a language, published an article or simply been an inordinately dedicated neighbor/sibling/mentor in an unofficial capacity (for example), these kinds of stories can provide interesting points of differentiation. Your personal goals help you stand out from the rest of the applicants. So, if you have an activity or adventure in mind that you would otherwise complete later, go ahead and pursue it now. We are not suggesting that you go out and start writing poetry tomorrow in hopes of getting something published, but if you are a dedicated poet and have poems that you have long intended to submit, do so now. If you can run 20 miles and have always planned to run a marathon, do it now.  These kinds of personal stories can help set you apart from your fellow applicants.

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