MBAs Flood Tech Scene

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Wall-StreetInstead of flocking to Wall Street like business school graduates of the past, recent MBAs are taking jobs in the tech sector – at startups and e-commerce sites.

Even as traditionally high-profile and sought-after employers like JP Morgan Chase and Goldman Sachs recover from the recession, MBAs are still looking for work – and landing jobs – in the tech scene.

According to Doug Stayman, associate dean for MBA programs for the Cornell Johnson, there’s a “large need for MBAs who can understand business problems, consumer needs, internal business issues and technological solutions.” This is why Cornell will be launching Cornell Tech this May, a one-year program that focuses on our digital economy.

Those who aren’t using their marketing, data-mining, and digital-media skills to land jobs at top tech companies are using their skills to launch their own startups.

Other industries luring MBAs away from Wall Street include healthcare, retail, and energy and utilities.

(Source: Crain’s New York, “M.B.A.s flock to tech scene”)

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