What is More Important? GPA or GMAT?

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What is More Important? GPA or GMAT?

When MBA admissions committees assess your “academic record,” two important components of that record are your GPA from college or graduate school, and your GMAT score. Candidates often ask which is more important, the GPA or the GMAT score. It surprises many candidates to know that it is often easier to override a low GPA than a low GMAT score in order to gain admission to a top U.S. MBA program. Why? Your GMAT score is a more recent metric of where you are in terms of skills and the sort of reasoning that will be needed to excel in a rigorous MBA program. Your quant score gives a sense of whether you will be able to handle the analytical part of a top MBA program. Your verbal score gives strong indications regarding whether you will be able to communicate effectively in class (particularly for non-native English speakers).

At MBA Admit.com, we have helped candidates with GPAs as low as 2.1, 2.3 and 2.7 to gain admission to top MBA programs including Harvard, Stanford, Wharton and Columbia, but those candidates were able to demonstrate solid performance on the GMAT exam and they had also allowed time to work in their favor, building outstanding professional records in the years in between college and applying for their MBA degrees.

Can it happen the other way, where a candidate has a high GPA (such as 3.8/4.0) and gets into a top MBA program with a low GMAT score (such as a score around 620)? Yes, but that candidate will be a long-shot and to be successful, such candidates must show truly outstanding professional performance and, ideally, other notable credentials that demonstrate they have strong analytical skills.

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