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The importance of prime factorization on the GMAT

By - Sep 12, 22:42 PM   Comments [7]

Rich is a stellar teacher in Knewton’s GMAT prep course. He really does love prime factorization. Prime Factorization: My single favorite topic on the GMAT. It’s not even a contest. My passionate (some would say evangelical!) advocacy of prime factorization results not only from my finding prime numbers so...

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GMAT Prep Tip: 5 Bad Habits on the Sentence Correction section

By - Aug 1, 19:02 PM   Comments [3]

Jen Rugani is one of Knewton’s top GMAT teachers. Do you bite your nails? Chew on pencils? Forget to the check the subject and verb on sentence correction questions? All of these are bad habits, but only one will affect your GMAT score. Test-takers tend to make...

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Don’t try to disprove Data Sufficiency statements on the GMAT

By - Jul 18, 18:17 PM   Comments [2]

  Rich is one of the stellar teachers in Knewton’s GMAT course, in whch he loves helping students rock the Quantitative section.   In any GMAT prep course, one of the first things taught about the Data Sufficiency section is that the two statements are true and do not contradict one...

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How tests are scored

By - Jul 4, 20:01 PM   Comments [1]

 David Kuntz is the Vice President of Research at Knewton, where he works on perfecting the algorithm for its GMAT prep course. We’ve received grades all our lives. In fact, we’re so used to them that we often don’t think very much about what they mean, or how...

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How to stay focused on your Reading Comprehension

By - Jun 13, 22:38 PM   Comments [8]

Jen Rugani is one our amazing teachers at Knewton, where she helps students rock their GMAT prep. If taking the GMAT is like running a marathon, then the Reading Comprehension passages are like a set of steep hills in mile 24. They’re dense, complicated, boring pieces...

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Train Your Body for the GMAT

By - May 16, 22:50 PM   Comments [0]

When you’re preparing for the GMAT, you naturally want to take practice tests and study diligently. But peak performance doesn't just depend on your knowledge and skills. It depends on your entire state of being: your digestive system, your muscles, your emotions. If all of your bodily systems...

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Optimizing Stubborn Tendencies on the GMAT

By - May 2, 22:12 PM   Comments [1]

Nate Burke is a Content Developer at Knewton, specializing in GMAT prep. Are you stubborn? There are many situations in which stubbornness would help a human being. A stubborn nature can be extremely useful when trying to accomplish a complicated goal over an extended period of time....

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Frequently Confused Words on the GMAT

By - Apr 18, 22:48 PM   Comments [1]

By Jen Rugani Certain words are very commonly confused for each other; this is by design. Here’s a core content piece you’d find in our course. The preposition among takes an object made up of more than two items, while the preposition between takes an object make up of exactly two items. We...

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How to Tackle Analogous Situations in RC and CR

By - Apr 11, 14:52 PM   Comments [0]

By Jen Rugani Say a friend tells you a story about something that happened to her at work. Her boss has decided to assign her to a very specific research assignment, despite the fact that such research rarely yields practical results. Hearing this reminds you of...

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Why Patience Pays off on Data Sufficiency Questions

By - Mar 21, 14:35 PM   Comments [6]

By Jen Rugani In the Nintendo game Super Mario Bros., Mario uses green warp pipes to travel around the world. Even though some of these pipes don’t lead anywhere, savvy players know that it’s wise to try to enter every single one, because every so often,...

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