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Tips for Making the Most of MBA Fairs

By - Jan 16, 11:11 AM   Comments [0]

If you’re seriously considering pursuing an MBA degree and want the convenience of meeting representatives from many top business schools in a single location, attending an MBA fair is a great place to start. And if you’re going to be in the New York area...

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SBC Launches GMAT, GRE Test Prep Service

By - Jan 15, 07:45 AM   Comments [0]

Did you know that Stacy Blackman Consulting has added test prep to our suite of MBA admissions services?  We’ve officially launched the Stacy Blackman GMAT and GRE test prep service, which uses a unique approach that focuses on recognizing individual learning styles, discovering flaws in...

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Free SBC Resume Clinic at Upcoming QS World MBA Tour

By - Jan 12, 09:39 AM   Comments [0]

As we begin the new year, it’s important to consider your goals and how you see yourself developing in your career. Join us at the QS World MBA Tour event in New York on January 20th for the opportunity to meet with top business schools, and learn more about the MBA admissions process. By attending, you’ll also...

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Don’t Fear Those MBA Admissions Background Checks

By - Jan 11, 13:03 PM   Comments [0]

Background checks in MBA admissions are more common for some schools than others, but their overall use is growing. Some programs vet every admitted applicant, others randomly select a percentage of candidates and still others delve further only when something seems to raise a red...

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18 Venture Capitalists Join HBS’s Inaugural VC Partner Program

By - Jan 10, 10:24 AM   Comments [0]

Harvard Business School’s Arthur Rock Center for Entrepreneurship has named 18 people to its inaugural group of Rock Venture Capital Partners, who provide in-person mentoring and advice to HBS student entrepreneurs. The Rock Center for Entrepreneurship, which has earned accolades as the top provider in the nation of...

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The Bigger Picture: The Opposite of Comfortable

By - Jan 9, 06:50 AM   Comments [0]

January. It’s still a new year. Full of possibility. So many plans, so many dreams. 2018 has 8,760 hours and we have only used up about 216. Yup, believe it or not, more than 200 hours have already slipped by. 8,544 hours to go. What will you do...

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SBC’s Offering 1-on-1 Resume Review at QS World MBA Tour

By - Jan 8, 05:22 AM   Comments [0]

For many who are just embarking on their B-school journey, attending an MBA fair is a stellar way to meet admissions representatives from several programs and impress them with your thoughtfulness and preparation…in other words, stand out from the crowd. If you’ll be in the New York...

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Maximize Your MBA Application Feedback Session

By - Jan 5, 07:46 AM   Comments [2]

All MBA hopefuls fear getting denied, but if there’s any silver lining to rejection, it’s that many business schools now offer feedback sessions to help unsuccessful candidates figure out where they might have gone wrong. This availability of application feedback confirms that the schools really do...

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UV Darden Announces Full Scholarship for Promising Indonesian Candidates

By - Jan 4, 06:27 AM   Comments [0]

The University of Virginia Darden School of Business recently announced a new full scholarship called the Indonesia Fellowship, created through a gift from the Jakarta-based Rainbow Foundation. The fellowship, originally created in 2012, is now offered as a scholarship providing up to the full cost of attendance for an academically...

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SBC Boost: Your MBA Motivation for 2018

By - Jan 3, 06:26 AM   Comments [0]

It’s a brand-new year, and the perfect time to set new goals and a plan of action if business school is in your future. Let Stacy Blackman Consulting help keep you motivated every step of the way on your journey toward the MBA. Don’t wait—sign...

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