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Advice for Applicants from Over-Represented Buckets

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If there’s one overarching trend we’ve seen in our two decades of admission consulting, it’s the move toward greater diversity at the top MBA programs. For example, applicants from consulting and banking used to dominate at business schools in the past. Plus, most students were...

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Build your Business School Network as an Applicant

By - May 6, 06:06 AM   Comments [0]

As most incoming MBA students know, the network you cultivate during business school is likely the most valuable part of the experience. Through the Internet and social media, you can get a head start and build your business school network as early as the application...

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B-Schooled Podcast Episode 54: Secrets of Dual HBS/GSB Admits, Part 2 of 2

By - May 5, 08:56 AM   Comments [0]

Anyone who decides to pursue an MBA typically understands that the odds are against most applicants when it comes to being admitted into the top-ranked programs. This fierce competition makes it all the more impressive when a candidate gets into two of the most respected...

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Overcoming Overconfidence

By - May 4, 05:31 AM   Comments [0]

“FRESH IDEAS FROM THE BLACKLIGHT” SBC’s Weekly Newsletter for Professionals Having a healthy level of confidence is a beautiful thing. Overconfidence, on the other hand, can have serious—sometimes life-threatening—consequences. Look no further than the U.S. government’s initial response to the COVID-19 pandemic to understand how disastrous overconfidence...

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How LinkedIn Can Help MBA Applicants

By - Apr 30, 09:27 AM   Comments [0]

A growing number of admissions officers believe it’s “fair game” to scope out applicants’ social media feeds, a 2021 Kaplan survey confirms. Kaplan polled 150 business school admissions departments in 2018 to address that same issue. In that survey, 40% said they visited applicants’ social...

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Our GMAT Club: Test Talk with Stacy Blackman Consulting’s AdCom

By - Apr 29, 05:58 AM   Comments [0]

The buzz around test requirements for MBA programs has intensified over the last season due to the pandemic and access issues around test-taking. Across our client pool, we field questions about admissions exams daily. With former MBA admissions officers on our team for every top...

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B-Schooled Podcast Episode 53: Stacy Blackman on Entrepreneurship

By - Apr 28, 07:05 AM   Comments [0]

This episode marks the one-year anniversary of our B-Schooled podcast’s launch, and who better to join us in celebrating this milestone than the head of our team and founder of Stacy Blackman Consulting—Stacy Blackman! Stacy will talk about her entrepreneurial career and how an MBA helped...

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Social Media Tips for MBA Applicants

By - Apr 27, 05:06 AM   Comments [0]

We’re going to tell you something you probably already know. Namely, if you’re applying to an MBA program this year, be careful about what you post online. Adcom members may search your name before admitting you to their program. It doesn’t end with the admissions committee,...

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Tips for Applying to B-School After Years in the Workforce

By - Apr 26, 09:03 AM   Comments [0]

The average age of business school applicants has been trending downward for the past decade. With that, work experience expectations have shifted as well. But not everyone is ready or in a position to take the business school plunge at 26 years old. If you...

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Focus on These 5 Areas for MBA Admissions Success

By - Apr 22, 06:39 AM   Comments [0]

The MBA admissions process is rigorous and time-consuming. Therefore, having a strategy to guide you will go a long way toward helping you manage this experience. Admissions committee members evaluate MBA applicants across a host of components, so your goal is to maximize the impact...

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