GMAT Question of the Day (Dec 12)

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Math If set contains more than one element, is the median of set greater than its mean? (1) Set has positive range (2) The elements of the set are not consecutive integers Question Discussion & Explanation Correct Answer - E -...

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5 reasons a student mentor is valuable to an MBA applicant

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The process of MBA application can be long, hard, and daunting. But it does not need to be that way. Having someone to help and guide you through the whole preparation can make the B-school journey smoother and can also improve your chances of getting...

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Application Timing: When Should You Submit?

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  Timing. Timing. Who’s got the best timing? Applicants frequently stress over when to submit, wondering if when they apply will affect the outcome. They lose sleep with questions like: When is the best time to apply? When do I have the greatest chance of getting...

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NUS MBA 2015 Essay Tips

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National University of Singapore (NUS) hosts approximately 100 students each year in its full-time MBA program – 91% of those students come from outside of Singapore, representing 18 countries. The curriculum concentrates on global business with a focus on Asia in particular, and the program...

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Is a Chicago Booth MBA In Your Future?

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If you want to answer that question with a resounding “yes,” then tune in to Get Accepted to Chicago Booth, a webinar that airs in just a few days, on Wednesday, December 17th at 10:00 AM PST/1:00 PM EST. Reserve your spot for Get Accepted to...

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ESADE MBA 2015 Essay Tips

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The ESADE (pronounced eh-SAH-day) MBA program in Barcelona, Spain, is a great option for applicants looking for a program that requires fewer than 2 years out of the job market but also provides an internship and even an international exchange option. ESADE offers a 12-month...

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HBS Students Fight Stereotypes with Food Bank Fundraiser

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The actions of Ben Edelman, the Harvard Business School professor who landed in the national news this week by quarreling with the manager of a Chinese restaurant about a $4 overcharge, have spurred HBS students to publicly denounce his behavior. HBS students often confront the negative...

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GMAT Question of the Day (Dec 11)

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Math If , which of the following could be true? I. II. III. A. I only B. II only C. III only D. II and III only E. I, II and III Question Discussion & Explanation Correct Answer - E - (click and drag...

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‘ Be Creative ‘ in Your Essays

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With round 2 deadlines approaching fast, the applicants must be  reflecting on their best stories for their essays  to demonstrate  their uniqueness to the Admission Committee  . One of the greatest challenges that stares the applicants in their face is that every year, business schools come...

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Should You Change Your Application Strategy?

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If you applied to MBA programs in Round 1 and are continuing to submit materials to other schools in Round 2, you may be tempted to mix things up for a couple of applications—especially if you’ve already gotten a few dings. But before you position yourself...

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