Last Call for Essay Editing Packages (12/28)!

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Friday, December 28, 2018 – Last Call For Essay Editing Packages! Those deadlines are right around the corner, but there IS still time to perfect your applications. Don’t risk it alone. Get expert eyes on the biggest element of your app – the essays – and put your best foot...

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You got in! Here’s How to Decide Which MBA Program to Attend

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Those admits are flying in! First of all, congratulations, my friend. Take a second to do a happy dance, let out some joyful noise, or plan your self-celebration party, whatever floats your boat. To have your pick of MBA programs is a rare thing—you are livin’ the dream. Alright, now that you’ve composed...

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When To Apply For An MBA

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It’s no secret that MBA programs are comprised mostly of students in their mid-to-late-20s (though European programs skew a bit older,) but the question nonetheless arises of “when is the right time to apply to increase my odds of getting in?” Obviously, as the MBA is...

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MBA Essay Writing Tip: Discussing Peer-Learning & Networking

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A big reason many apply for an MBA is to surround themselves with the best and brightest – a group of ambitious peers who are going places, who can help you explore your interests, further your professional ambitions and help you reach them. The idea of...

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Demonstrating Your “School Spirit” In MBA Essays

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MBA application prompts can sometimes sounds like a needy significant other. For example, Duke’s “Team Fuqua” essay prompt, in which they ask you to demonstrate your passion for “Fuqua culture” and force you to write a long essay about how great they are, can feel eerily...

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MBA Resume Tip: Toning Down The Tech-Talk

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Here are two resume bullets: “Worked with UI, backend and API engineers to build and deliver a web-to-cloud application in one month.” “Led the integration of RPA and other AI software to increase completion rate of regulatory filings.” Say whaaaaat? If you come from a tech background, and your...

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Discussing Family Business Goals in MBA Essays

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Many MBA applicants we work with have either worked in, or plan to return to a family business after graduation or in the long-term. Talking about your past work with your family’s business or your plans for working for a family business in the future...

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Master in Management vs. MBA: Which Is Right For You?

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For decades, there has been one professional business degree and one professional business degree only — The MBA. As you’ve been weighing your options for which business degree to pursue, however, you may have come across something called a Master’s in Management (MiM). The MiM is...

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Communicating Your Need For An MBA

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Pursuing an MBA is a gateway to career advancement and job opportunities that simply aren’t available to non-MBA holders, and an essential part of a successful MBA application is clearly communicating to adcoms why you need an MBA to make that next career step. These “skills...

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Big News From Admissionado! New MBA Products and Services!

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Dear Admissionado friends and family, We are deeply humbled by all the positive feedback. The more people we can help, the better. Many of you guys have been requesting alternative, custom packages, more focused on essay editing. And we have delivered, but on a case-by-case basis....

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