Admissionado’s No-coach Guide to the GMAT

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The Graduate Management Admission Test, or GMAT, is one of the major requirements for applying to most MBA programs. Acing the GMAT is, of course, every applicant’s goal, and to be competitive for top MBA programs like Wharton and CBS, a score of around 730...

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The Possibilities are Endless with a Grad Degree

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Hey gang, check out this opportunity from our partners at QS! : Earn a salary boost, gain valuable leadership skills, or change career paths entirely; the possibilities are endless with a grad degree! Both the World’s Largest MBA Tour & the World’s Largest Grad School Tour are...

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Cost vs Benefit of an MBA

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Earning an MBA can be a very costly process, both in time and money. Many people jump into their MBA education without fully weighing the pros and cons. While an MBA may be extremely beneficial to many, it may not be worth the time and...

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Two MBA Tools to Get You Started This Application Season

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With over a decade in MBA admissions consulting, we’ve learned a thing or two (thousand) about what really matters when starting your MBA application process, and how to navigate it effectively. Here are two tools to help you get the process started:  School Selection One-Pager: This...

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What to Look for in MBA Faculty

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As you’re weighing the pros and cons of various MBA programs, you’ve probably come across some advice along the lines of “an MBA is all about the people, stupid!” This idea is generally correct: the professors you work with are a huge part of your...

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Which MBA Deadline Round is Best for you?

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Choosing the programs to apply to is one of the first steps you will take when you decide to go after an MBA degree. Alongside that difficult decision, you must also prioritize the schools on your list. This prioritization is exactly what you are doing...

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Berkeley (Haas) Essay Analysis 2019-2020

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Berkeley Haas announced their 2019-20 application essay prompts, and it’s a complete shake-up: two new topics for both required essays. We predict these new questions will be some of the harder ones on the circuit this year, particularly the enigmatic essay #1: What makes you feel...

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INSEAD Essay Analysis 2019-2020

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Ah, INSEAD, one of the longest applications in the MBA admissions world. This year the topics are more or less the same as last year… three main essays and a series of “job description” short answer questions that are basically little essays in themselves. It’s a...

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MBA Program Deadlines 2019-2020

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If you’re thinking of applying to an MBA this year, check out this list of upcoming deadlines for some of the top MBA programs, and get moving! Harvard Business School: September 4, 2019 (Round 1) and January 6, 2020 (Round 2). The application will open...

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Yale (SOM) Essay Analysis 2019-2020

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The essay prompt on the Yale SOM application is a bit intimidating. They ask for your biggest commitment… professional? Personal? Philosophical? You won’t get much additional explanation from the Yale adcom, but that doesn’t mean you can just write whatever you want! Here’s what our years working...

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