What 3 Essential Ingredients Must You Include in Your Statement of Purpose?

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What are the essential components of a strong statement of purpose or MBA goals essay? The adcom will want to see a MAP of where you’ve been, where you are now, and where you’re headed. (A personal statement is slightly different in that your readers...

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The Bigger Picture: It’s Always Worth an Ask

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I have a friend who consistently lands in the cushiest situations. Ever since I have known her, she would wiggle her way out of a final exam so that she could work on a more interesting project. She could negotiate dreamlike work conditions: lots of...

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How Quitting Your Job Can Kill Your MBA Application

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EXPARTUS MBA Admissions When you’re applying to business school, it’s natural to want to dedicate your energy to your applications. After all, B-school applications can feel like a full-time job! So the temptation is to quit your job and dive into researching schools, studying for the...

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GMAT Question of the Day (August 8)

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Math An electronic clock shows time in hours and minutes. For example, 08:15 means that it is now a quarter past eight. If one looks at the clock at some time between 6:00 and 9:00, what is the probability that he will see the digit 8...

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2017-2018 Harvard MBA Essay Tips

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Confused about how to approach the Harvard essay? These Harvard MBA essay tips from a Harvard alumnus will help!

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LBS & INSEAD: Q&A from a Live Strategy Session with Admissions Insiders

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By Caroline Diarte Edwards There are a lot of good reasons to consider an international MBA. For one, five of the top 10 schools in the FT Global MBA Ranking 2017 are European programs. At the same time, unique factors abound when crafting a winning application. Two...

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Seeing Your MBA Application Through AdCom’s Eyes

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When you’re hard at work on your MBA applications, it’s easy to get caught up in what sounds great to you, or what seems impressive to your friends, co-workers or parents. But what you really need to be doing is considering your materials from the...

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3 Tips for Standing Out as an IT MBA Applicant

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It’s your job to demonstrate to the adcom that you stand out from the applicant pool and are exactly the person they want in their next MBA class. In this series, you’ll learn how to dig deep to unearth your unique character traits, experiences, skills,...

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Success story with Math Revolution

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  "Math Revolution, truly a wonder." I initially started studying GMAT by myself since summer 2016 but I had to discontinue my study during the fall 2016 to spring 2017 for two major reasons: first, as I was a master’s degree student during that time, I had...

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GMAT Question of the Day (August 7)

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Math If and are positive integers, is divisible by 5?   (1) is divisible by 5 (2) is divisible by 5   Question Discussion & Explanation Correct Answer - C - (click and drag your mouse to see the...

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