B-School Webinars, How to chose a School, Interviews, Chicago Waitlist

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5 great BSchool webinars and a mixer event you don't want to miss Should you go to the "best" school you possibly can? JB's Guide to Dressing & Interview Attire Communicating your unique message in the interview Chicago Booth Waitlist: Analysis and Speculation

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GMAT Course Finder, Buy/Sell your Books, Share your GMAT experience

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Announcement - GMAT Course Finder - GMAT Club’s NEW Search Engine for GMAT Courses - GMAT Club is bringing test takers an innovative search engine for GMAT Courses. No more researching or scavenging for course locations, start dates, discounts or reviews – now it...

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It’s Your Decisions That Really Count

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Perhaps the most typical mistake applicants make on their early essay drafts is polishing their achievements so that the link between their decisions and the successful results fits like a custom made glove. Dan Ariely wrote a great piece in December 2010′s...

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Knewton Video: Identifying Sentence Structure Errors

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We recently a released a new and improved in our GMAT course, and to spread the word we’re releasing the first Sentence Correction lesson in nine handy installments. If you’re looking to improve your score in SC, be sure to watch all the videos...

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GMAT Question of the Day (Jan 24): Statistics and Critical Reasoning

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Math (DS) Is the range of a non-empty set S bigger than its mean? 1. All members of S are negative 2. The median of set S is negative OA and Explanation Receive a $200 rebate from Kaplan, plus GMAT Club discount of $150 when you enroll in a...

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Applications to International Schools Almost Double Since 2005?

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Here is what New York Times published: Source: Allure of business schools in Europe appears to grow While the United States remains the top destination for aspiring business school students, institutions throughout Europe are drawing an ever-increasing number of students from both within and outside the continent,...

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Stanford’s eHarmony-Style Job Search Offers Large Payoff

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John Byrne offers a window into Stanford GSB's career services office with his article, "Creating An eHarmony Model for MBA Careers." He starts by reminding readers that graduates from Stanford GSB report the highest median base salaries—about $120,000/year compared to Harvard and Wharton's $110,000,...

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The Top 25 Business Quotes

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Whether you're procrastinating on your Round 2 MBA applications or just looking for a little business inspiration, check out these business quotes from some of the most famous -- and notorious -- business leaders of yesterday and today (plus other important people...

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#29 in India – GMAT ToolKit reaches new heights

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GMAT ToolKit the best-selling GMAT prep iPhone/iPad app was featured #29 in the top grossing apps list in India. Thanks you! Now we have to work harder to make the app even better! Best, Walker on behave of GMAT Club

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Duke MBA — Cross Continent Program Essay Tips

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  The current Duke MBA – Cross Continent Program essay questions cover broad ground potentially, although there are just two.  They give you leeway to identify and describe the experiences, skills, and other factors that will most advantageously represent your candidacy.  Moreover, the fact that both...

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