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GMAT Score – Growing in Importance?

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GMAT Score – Growing in Importance?

I have been asked many times recently whether I have noticed a trend with regard to the importance of GMAT scores in the admissions outcomes of candidates who have applied to Top-10 schools. Some notable trends have been school-specific. At schools like Columbia and Harvard, the admissions committees seemed to become pickier in 2013-2015 about acceptable scores and it seemed harder to gain admission at those two schools if candidates scored below 660. In such cases, a candidate needed to work hard to demonstrate credentials that helped compensate for the less-than-ideal GMAT score performance.

Overall, the quant portion of the GMAT score seemed to come under more scrutiny at Top-15 schools. If you have not scored above the 70th percentile in quant, you should reassess well whether to re-test, and if not, you should be prepared to offer the admissions committee other evidence that you can handle the rigors of their program.

Many candidates mistakenly underestimate the importance of the GMAT score. Try to get a great score so that it is not functioning as a weakness in your application.

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