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INSEAD Essay 3: Writing About Cultural Diversity

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For those of you struggling with INSEAD’s cultural diversity question [Essay 3. Tell us about an experience where you were significantly impacted by cultural diversity, in a positive or negative way. (300 words max.) and the INSEAD EMBA choice of questions for Essay 5. Have you ever experienced culture...

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Over-enthusiastic Recommenders, Sterny’s Guide to B-School Application, the Evolution of your B-School Pursuit

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Over-Enthusiastic Recommenders - do they help or hinder you? Sterny's Guide to B-School Application - how to focus and select your target schools The Evolution of your B-School Pursuit - how has your B-School plan evolved?

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Fall 2010 Chicago Book Applicants, The True Value to your MBA, What to do if your significant other won’t move, Guide to Interviewing, Compiled Interview Questions

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Chicago Booth 2010: Pros & Cons The True Value of your MBA: What are you giving up and how long is it going to take to pay off? Married/Committed Couples: What to do if your significant other won't move? Guide to Interviewing: Know what interviewers are assessing Compiled Interview...

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R2 Essay Writing Do’s & Don’t(s), Top 50 MBA Schools – Rating Table, 7 Phases of B-School Application, Zoom Interviews Discount, Veritas Prep Discount

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R2 Essay Writing - Do's & Don't(s) Top 50 MBA Schools - Rating Table 7 Phases of B-School Application - What to Expect after the GMAT Zoom Interviews Offering MBA interview preparation products and services, including video examples and interview tips. GMATClub has partnered with Zoom Interviews and...

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2010 Wharton EMBA Essay Tips

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Wharton 2010 EMBA Application Essay Questions The Wharton EMBA adcom shows a very clear focus in its set of essay questions (in black font).  It wants to understand your goals and how executive business studies support them (essay 1), it wants to get a glimpse of...

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Consortium 2010 MBA Application Questions, Deadlines, Tips

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Consortium 2010 MBA Application Essay Questions My comments are in red. This year's core application questions are  identical to last year's and I've posted their guidelines from 2009 as well below:* The following essay questions provide us with an opportunity to evaluate your strengths and weaknesses, experiences,...

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CMU Tepper 2010 MBA Application Questions, Deadlines, Tips.

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CMU Tepper 2010 MBA Essay Questions My comments are in red. A. What are your short-term and long-term goals? How will a Tepper MBA help you to achieve these goals? (Please include any information regarding what steps you have taken to learn more about the Tepper School. ...

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Michigan Ross 2010 MBA Application Questions, Deadlines, Tips.

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MICHIGAN ROSS 2010 MBA ESSAY QUESTIONS The application is identical to last year's application, and I have only tweaked my suggestions from last year. Although Ross' questions may appear superficial or generic, don't be fooled. Ross does not want generic answers. Your answers need to connect to...

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Columbia September 2010 MBA Application Questions, Deadlines, Tips.

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Columbia September 2101 MBA Essay Questions Columbia has released its 2010 MBA essay questions, which are identical to last years; I've tweaked my comments (in red) a little. In addition to learning about your professional aspirations, the Admissions Committee hopes to gain an understanding of your interests,...

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UVA Darden 2010 MBA Application Questions, Deadlines, Tips.

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UVA Darden 2010 MBA Essay Questions Darden is asking entirely new questions this year, and unusual ones too. While the triggers and prompts have changed, your goal remains the same: Answer the questions and reveal what is impressive and distinctive about you. Tell them what you...

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