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You’re Working on Your 2021 MBA Application This Week, Right?

By - Feb 27, 07:00 AM   Comments [0]

Yes, we know…the deadline seems really far away right now. But think about how much you have on your plate already. Think about how quickly weeks and months can pass. The deadlines will be here faster than you realize. Don’t be caught unprepared.  Now is the time to...

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How Much Does Your Social Media Presence Factor Into the Application Process?

By - Feb 4, 06:00 AM   Comments [0]

On January 13th, Kaplan Test Prep released the results of their annual survey of business schools, speaking to admissions officers from 288 top schools around the country. The results clearly indicate that an applicant’s social media profile could well be a factor in the application process. Here...

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5 MBA Reapplication Lessons

By - Aug 2, 06:00 AM   Comments [0]

MBA admissions is tough at top schools. If you were rejected last year and are trying again, you definitely want a different outcome this time around. What can you do to increase your chances of admissions this year? Tips for reapplicants Reevaluate your school choicesInstead of applying to dream...

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Preparing for an MBA Interview

By - Mar 17, 04:00 AM   Comments [0]

    If you have been invited to interview, your application has enticed the admissions committee – you are on the right path towards a potential admission. That said, there are no guarantees that interviewed applicants are admitted (each school’s interview to admissions ratio varies) and must...

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Writing Tip: Understanding the Fine Line Between Confidence and Arrogance

By - Nov 13, 06:00 AM   Comments [0]

“Tone” is often one of the aspects of writing that applicants find most difficult to pin down. And yet, when you’re writing, it is also one of the most important to control so that you maintain an appropriate tone for your purpose. One way to think...

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Helpful Advice for Older MBA Applicants

By - Oct 2, 16:55 PM   Comments [0]

“Am I too old for MBA Programs?” This is one of the most frequently asked questions by the prospective MBA aspirants who are in their early thirties. Sometimes, I get this question from those who are in their late twenties and have not even hit...

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MBA Application Deadline Calendar (all-in-one)

By - Jul 12, 08:23 AM   Comments [0]

Round 1 deadlines are on the horizon The Fourth of July holiday has come and gone in the United States, and Round 1 MBA application deadlines are on the horizon. There are basically eight weeks between the publication of this post and Harvard Business School's Round 1 deadline...

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What Harvard Business School is Looking For: The Habit Of Leadership

By - Jun 10, 06:00 AM   Comments [0]

Thank you, Harvard Business School. That’s what applicants should think when they visit the program’s website and find “Habit of leadership” on its “Who are we looking for?” admissions page. It’s common knowledge that HBS values leadership, but with this phrase, the adcom succinctly expresses how...

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A Second Year MBA Student at Kellogg Shares his Experience and Advice-Part 1

By - May 4, 15:22 PM   Comments [0]

Poonam, founder and president of MER (myEssayReview), is publishing   interviews of her successful students as well as first year and second year students.  This is the latest in the series. Here is a chat with Eduardo, a second-year student at Kellogg. In a candid video interview with...

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Preparing to Apply to B-School? Learn The 7 Steps to MBA Acceptance

By - Feb 22, 06:00 AM   Comments [0]

Every year, we speak with applicants who’ve started too late in the application process and shortchanged themselves (starting your essays a week before the deadline is not usually a recipe for success). An MBA is a serious investment in your future – and approaching the...

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