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HBS Professor Reflects on her First Online Class

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To deal with the unprecedented challenges posed by the rising pandemic Kovid-19, universities are moving in-person classes to online classes. instruction, scheduling all interviews online, canceling admission events and global immersion trips, extending Round 3 deadlines, and much more. Online Instruction:  Harvard professor Francesca Gino wrote...

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Get Accepted to Harvard Business School – View Video Now!

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If you missed Get Accepted to Harvard Business School, or if you’d like to view it again, the webinar is now available on-demand. As you prepare for next year’s applications, lea This article originally appeared on Applying to a top b-school? The talented folks at Accepted have helped hundreds...

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The Clock is Ticking for Your HBS App!

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We know there’s a lot of information out there about MBA applications – it can be overwhelming. And if you have questions about what a school like HBS is looking for or how your profile measures up, it can be stressful. That’s why we created our...

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What Harvard Business School Is Looking For: Engaged Community Citizenship

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This is the third post in our series, What HBS is Looking For. This is not about “community service” — it’s not about doing halo-worthy things in your free time. (Though neither Harvard Business School nor I will discourage that, and “engaged community citizenship” and “community service” certainly can...

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Applying to HBS? Here’s What You Need to Know!

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If you’re preparing to apply to Harvard Business School, you already know how competitive the application process is. You also know that your application needs to be as close to perfect as possible. But what, exactly, is Harvard seeking in its applicants? How can you approach your...

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What’s the Trick to an HBS Acceptance?

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Planning to apply to Harvard Business School? If so, you’re no doubt busy balancing your professional responsibilities with personal commitments, all while researching b-schools and prepping for your applications. You’re a multitasker and a leader. But how can you be sure you’re doing all you can...

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Ida Valentine: Investment Banker, Inspirational Speaker, HBS 2021 [Episode 311]

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Interview with Ida Valentine, Associate at Barclays Investment Bank and Member of the HBS MBA Class of 2021 [Show Summary] Our guest today is Ida Valentine. She earned her BA from UNC-Chapel Hill IN 2014, majoring in business administration and minoring in Spanish for the Professions....

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All Essay Analyses at One Place – 2018-19

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The  Round 2 application deadlines for most MBA programs are  only a few days away. MER has complied essay analysis of  some of the top 20 MBA programs.  You may want to take a quick look at  the helpful tips for tackling essay questions of...

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Harvard MBA Class Profile [Class of 2020]

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Here’s a look at HBS’s Class of 2020 taken from the Harvard Business School website: Number of Applications: 9,866 Enrolled: 930 Countries Represented: 69 U.S.: 64% Asia: 14% Europe: 8% Mexico, Central & South America: 6% Canada: 5% Africa: 2% Middle East: 2% Oceania: 1% Women: 41% International (including U.S. permanent residents): 37% U.S. ethnic minorities (includes U.S. permanent...

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Harvard Releases 2017-2018 Essay and Deadlines!

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From Dr. Shel (Shelly Watts),, email: Harvard Releases 2017-2018 Essay and Deadlines! Harvard Business School's Director of Admissions recently released the new deadlines and essay topic for Harvard Business School's 2017-2018 admissions season. They are as follow: Application: Will be available in early June 2017 HBS Application Deadlines: • Round 1:...

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