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10% Discount from Manhattan Review, GRE and GMAT Score Comparison Tool, What is the “target” correct answers to get ~700?, Sentence Correction, Math: Standard Deviation, Mixture Problems – I collected from GMAT Club, My Journey with Knewton, My GMAT Journey, 570 (Q30, V38) to 760 (Q49, V44) in 3 months (long)

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Here are some of the top forum posts from this past week: GMAT ToolKit has been updated to include 236 additional questions from Manhattan Review Now when you sign up with Manhattan Review, you will get 10% discount and free access to the GMAT Club Tests GMAT GRE and GMAT Score Comparison...

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Knewton GMAT Prep: Sample Content — Consistency of Tenses

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A verb is a word used to express an action or a state of being. The tense of a verb indicates the time of the action or state of being that the verb expresses. Verbs that describe actions or states of being that take place at...

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Second Chance Offer from Knewton

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No 2 students are the same. So it's no a surprise that traditional prep courses don't work for everyone. If you've been burned by a prep course that wasn't a match for you, we feel your pain. And we're ready to help. If you took...

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Math Shortcuts for Quant, Taking the GMAT at age 43…help!, Math: Factorials

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GMAT Math Shortcuts for Quant - get the help you need to improve your score Taking the GMAT at 43 - how should a 40 year old study for the GMAT? Math: Factorials - two important things to know if you are aiming for 700+ GMAT Club Exclusive: get...

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Knewton GMAT Prep Tip: Common Sense on Data Sufficiency

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Rich Zwelling is one of Knewton’s top GMAT prep teachers, and he loves thinking of ways to crack the Data Sufficiency section. – Data Sufficiency questions are often difficult to get used to, because they require an adjustment in your approach to math problems.  When you went...

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Knewton GMAT Tip: Probability and Combinatorics

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Recently, I was discussing a particular GMAT problem with a friend, and as so often happens with standardized test nerds, the discussion turned into a grueling analysis. We can't help ourselves, apparently. The question went something like this: Jim and John are workers in a department that...

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Best Knewton Discount: $329, MBA Trivia Test: Win a Veritas Prep GMAT Course, Video Tour of the GMAT Testing Center, Can’t Do Verbal GMAT?, AWA Compilations

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Here are some of the best forum posts from this past week: SPECIAL OFFERS & ANNOUNCEMENTS Knewton Discount: $329 Savings: $100 Knewton Discount + $150 Valentine's Day Discount + $79 Discount on GMAT Club Tests MBA Day Camp - find out if MBA is right for you and GMAT Club members...

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Knewton’s Preppy New Year Contest Hits Twitter

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Follow Knewton here for a chance to win one of two free GMAT courses. After you tweet, send your around to increase your chances of winning. The more people who use your url, the more chances you have to win. Winners will be announced...

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Knewton GMAT Prep Sale Ends Tomorrow Night

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Time's running out on our sweet eco-savings offer. Until  11:59pm  EST Tuesday, take $100 off on Knewton's GMAT course. That's just $590 for the smartest, most sustainable prep out there. Prep green, save some green. It's a great deal for you, and an even better deal...

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Save $79 with Knewton and GMAT Club, Comprehensive GMAT Idioms List, Trouble with Quant?, Should you Retake the GMAT?

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SPECIAL OFFER: Save $79 with Knewton & GMATClub - sign up for a Knewton course and get: $79 Discount on GMATClub Tests (you get them for FREE) Use Promotion Code "GC-Knewton-GMAT" - see this post for more details. GMAT: Comprehensive GMAT Idioms List - know what idioms will be on GMAT. Trouble...

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