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Are You Ready? Introducing the MBA Admissions Calculator Quiz!

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Are you ready to apply for your MBA? Take our interactive quiz and find out! Here at Accepted, we’re always looking for new and exciting ways to educate and assist current and prospective applicants, and our newest tool is a great way to do just that. We’re proud...

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7 Ways to Distinguish Between Similar MBA Programs

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  School marketing materials/presentations/websites superficially sound very much the same. So how can applicants wisely research their options and discern the points of difference? When doing MBA research, pay special attention to the following differentiating features: Employment Profile See where graduates find jobs. Which schools send the most...

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Connections Count. And You Can Create Them.

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I worked with a client, who due to medical reasons, only earned a 2.2 GPA in a social science degree program. After graduating, he decided that the right career path for him was computer science so that he could realize his dream of becoming a...

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Backup Plans, Research and Professional Support

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I will wrap up this series with a few additional points. Creating a backup plan Think you’re done with MBA goals? Think again… In the current global economic volatility, having a backup plan for your immediate post-MBA goal can be not only good planning for you, but...

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The Importance of Defining Your MBA Goal

By - Apr 23, 06:00 AM   Comments [0]

You should never view your goals as an afterthought when it comes to your MBA application. Admissions members view MBA goals as lead-role performers, so you certainly shouldn’t push them to a supporting role as you prepare to apply to MBA programs. What is an MBA...

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How to Research Business Schools and Choose the MBA Program for You

By - Jan 18, 06:00 AM   Comments [0]

You may be researching schools already. Going through the steps previously outlined in this blog series will help you do so efficiently. It will also help you remain objective. That means that you should eliminate from consideration: • Programs that lack elements you consider essential • Programs...

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How to Have Great Interviews with MBA Alumni and Students

By - Jul 9, 08:52 AM   Comments [0]

As we head into July, now’s the perfect time to get interviews with MBA alumni and current students on the books. Why? Because they’re one of the best possible ways to research a school you’re interested in! There is nothing more important in the MBA...

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Don’t Be a Delusional MBA Candidate

By - Aug 7, 05:09 AM   Comments [0]

As you continue your business school research and narrow down your list of favorites, there are several things to keep in mind throughout the process. Here are my eight suggestions for cutting through the clutter to determine which MBA program truly is the best fit...

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Researching B-Schools: The 3 Categories

By - Jun 18, 13:19 PM   Comments [0]

Based on your goals and qualifications, you can now intelligently choose schools. Look at specialty rankings (U.S. News, BusinessWeek) for a quick start but don’t rely on them blindly. Go thoroughly through school websites. Read student blogs. Talk to current students and recent alumni. Generate a...

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MBA Application Planning: Program Research Phase

By - Apr 5, 08:00 AM   Comments [0]

Phase 1 done! You’ve defined your goals, assessed your qualifications. Now, how do you organize your research of MBA programs? There is a sea of information out there: rankings, books, MBA program websites, MBA fairs,, newspaper and magazine articles on MBA programs, consultant websites (including ours), student...

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