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Are You a Competitive B-School Applicant?

By - Nov 13, 06:00 AM   Comments [0]

Every year, MBA applicants call us to ask whether their profile (GPA, GMAT, work experience) is competitive at the schools they’re targeting. It’s a question we take seriously and address individually, because there are so many factors that impact competitiveness. Deciding where to apply is...

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Are You Prepared for Your EMBA Application Essay Questions?

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The essay: the part of the EMBA application where you have the chance to speak directly to the adcom and show them who you are – and why an EMBA from their school is crucial for the next phase of your career. That’s a lot...

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Most Popular MBA Special Reports of 2013

By - Dec 31, 12:42 PM   Comments [0]

1. Against the Odds: MBA Admissions for Indian Applicants                         2. Top Program Essay Questions: How to Answer them Right                                 3. MBA in Sight: Focus on Finance                         4. MBA in Sight: Focus on Management Consulting                                 5. Navigate the MBA Maze                                 Check out the rest of our MBA special reports and...

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Looking for MBA Application Essay Tips?

By - Dec 31, 11:27 AM   Comments [0]

B-school applicants: Are you looking for advice to help you answer specific essay questions on top MBA applications? Are you looking for a resource that offers up-to-date advice for the questions found on THIS YEAR’S apps? We’d like to introduce you to our updated special report,...

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New Special Report for Indian MBA Applicants

By - Oct 8, 13:30 PM   Comments [0]

Indian applicants – this one’s for you! Our newest special report, Against the Odds: MBA Admissions for Indian Applicants, is geared towards Indian applicants who are looking to differentiate themselves from the large (and always growing) pool of Indian b-school applicants. The report is loaded with specific,...

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Free Executive MBA Special Report Available NOW

By - Mar 29, 08:00 AM   Comments [0]

Are you applying to a top executive MBA program? If so, then you're going to need to make sure that your candidacy stands out from the crowd of other applicants, and there's only one way to do that—through creating a strong application that highlights your...

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Discover How to Choose an MBA Program

By - Sep 6, 10:58 AM   Comments [0]

Not sure which b-schools you should apply to? Confused as to how you can narrow down your list of 20+ MBA programs into a reasonable list of six or seven? Worried that you're applying to too many programs that you're simply not qualified for? Are...

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Attending an MBA fair? Do it right!

By - Aug 31, 11:20 AM   Comments [0]

There are two things that could happen during an MBA fair: You could wander around aimlessly in your Hawaiian shirt and flip flops, pocketing pretty brochures, and having the occasional, obvious-question-filled chat with admissions directors from long-shot schools, or You could dress to impress, arrive fully prepped...

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International MBA Programs: Are Global B-Schools Right for You?

By - Jul 8, 12:19 PM   Comments [0]

Thinking about applying to an international MBA program? Like the idea of having international experience on your resume, but don't know much about your global options? Not sure if you should attend an internationally-run program or an American-based program transplanted to foreign soil? Internationalizing the...

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