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Identifying and Articulating Fit With the Booth MBA: Do Your Work Experience and Career Goals Jibe With Booth’s Mission?

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The Booth MBA admissions committee focuses on three key dimensions in evaluating applicants: Intellectual fit in terms of ability and motivation to optimize its CurriculumPersonal and cultural fit in terms of synergy with its CommunityProfessional fit in terms of past and future Career This short series of posts will explore...

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How an Admissions Committee Views MBA Work Experience

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You have made the decision to apply to an MBA program (or two, or 10). Now you need to think about your past work experience and how it all fits into your story. What follows are some thoughts on how admissions committees think about certain types...

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Applying for an MBA with No Work Experience: What You Need to Know

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When I used to travel to applicant fairs to represent London Business School, I’d commonly be approached by candidates asking, “I want an MBA but don’t have any full-time work experience. Can I study at your school?” While the answer in that instance was ”no”, the...

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MBA Admissions Tip: Explaining Frequent Job Switching

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You’ve got a strong transcript, a solid GPA, and you aced the GMAT. You know you’re a strong candidate for pretty much any top MBA program. There’s just one thing standing in your way…your resume. You’ve had some good jobs—that’s not the problem. The problem is...

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Application Essay Tip: The Devil is in the Details

By - Nov 5, 06:00 AM   Comments [0]

You can argue about the devil, but certainly the substance, distinctiveness, and success of your essays depends on the details. Bringing Out Your Uniqueness in the Details Many applicants tend to bury their uniqueness and success under vague assertions. You don’t want to hide your achievements; you...

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What Will Your Work Experience Show the MBA Adcom About You?

By - Dec 5, 06:00 AM   Comments [0]

Your work experience is one of the most important elements of your MBA applicant profile. But do you know what adcoms are looking for when it comes to work experience? What is the right amount? What makes an experience stand out to the adcom? How...

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Non-Traditional Work Experience in MBA Admissions

By - Jan 4, 11:34 AM   Comments [0]

A common concern from prospective clients with non-traditional work experience is whether or not that experience will be considered relevant in an MBA classroom. I have heard this from doctors, lawyers, military officers, and more. Believe it or not, the less traditional one’s work experience,...

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Self-Employed MBA Applicant? Here’s How to Present Your Work Experience

By - Dec 28, 12:39 PM   Comments [0]

Creating a resume as a self-employed individual presents some challenges. If you already have an established business, some of this information is superfluous, but if you have been doing contract work, there are details to manage beyond the summary of the work you have been...

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Four Ways to Enhance Your Brand Name Work Experience for MBA Admission

By - Dec 21, 01:11 AM   Comments [0]

In my last blog post I wrote that brand name company experience matters less than having substantive experience. I am not changing my tune on that in this post, but will let you know how brand name experience might be viewed by members of an...

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What Qualifies as “Good” Work Experience to an MBA Admissions Committee?

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MBA Admissions Committees Care About More Than Brand Some of you may think that because you have worked in marketing but not at P&G, worked in banking but not at Goldman Sachs, or worked in technology but not at Google that your experience may not count...

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