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5 lb. Book of TOEFL Practice Problems - Review

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5 lb. Book of TOEFL Practice Problems - Review  [#permalink]

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New post 05 Jan 2018, 12:14
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Students who are aiming to get into a prestigious Business School should be always on the lookout when a book is released by a highly rated and well established, as well, prep company such as Manhattan.

We are not here to delve into what Manhattan does in terms of preparation for several kinds of exams: GMAT and GRE on top of that. Today, we are going to review the latest book from this well-respected brand for, probably, what is the other key-exam when a (foreign) student needs to craft his/her application for a BS: the TOEFL iBT exam.

I am not going to explain what this exam is or represents.
Referring to this link for a more than exhaustive overview ... 37398.html both in terms of TOEFL itself and the best books to tackle at the best the exam.

I am going to review the Manhattan Prep TOEFL 5lb Book of Practice Problems. I was a bit surprised when I came across it. Usually, it is a great thing about Manhattan: they do very well their job when we are talking about the strategy to tackle a particular exam, and even more better when they produce practice material. They really know their business. They have a massive core expertise.

Reading Section


The section is a massive, almost an overflow, of passages: 38 to be precise. This is a huge resource for practicing. Not only that: they cover actually all area of contents that you could face off during the real exam: natural and social science, humanities, mixed and so forth. This is the major strength/goal of the book in my opinion: prepare the student for not being surprised, giving to them a very large panoramic of what a passage is and its unfolding. The passages themselves are very good written and contrary to my expectation, they are not the famous MGMAT passages recycled for the TOEFL purpose at hand. They are tough and intricated enough. They are great for practice. Unfortunately, Manhattan didn't hit the nail on the head. The passages are slightly off-set because at a closer look they do not have the consistency of an official passage. If you really know the TOEFL business, you know that official passages are silky when you read them,they are tough (even a lot) but have a certain beauty and the result is almost a pleasure to read if you were not under the exam pressure. These passages, instead, seem more a good puzzle in which every piece certainly fit in but not perfectly, not giving you a perfect picture. Not only that: the questions following the passages are a bit off. They rely too much on vocabulary word-meaning when the official material and during the real exam maybe pop up in front of you at most one of this question type if not none. It depends.

Nonetheless, the section is a good deal of quality and quantity, well balanced.

Listening Section


Comparing to the first section you face off this section is better. The tracks are incredible to hear, in any sense, 76 divided between lectures and conversations. The contents are fair: gist-contents, details, inference, organization overall of the speech and function of what is said by the professor or whoever she/he is. So far so good ?? not really. The official material, if you really analyze it very super carefully, has, when the question is in front of you and even you didn't catch every single nuance of the speech, two questions almost clearly wrong and two tricky to choose fr,om. In this latter case you can have an educated guess. Here not: often one is the winner and the other 3 are off pretty straight if you use a bit of logic, following the overall sense of the conversation.

Overall, it is well crafted by the authors.

Speaking Section


Here we do have kinda like 48 samples speaking questions distributed among the six tasks you have to face. Nothing to point out really here. Manhattan did a great job to create especially the integrated tasks from 3 to six. However, what I do not like quite a lot are the sample responses for instance to task one: the independent. An excerpt:

"Talk about a specific skill that you developed at some point in your life. What is the skill? How did you develop it? Why is it important to you? "

The answer

"Um, I think learning how to drive a car. Uh, it wasn't easy for me and I didn't learn... start learning how to drive until I was a little older. Um, I didn't need to know how to drive, uh... because I was very close to my school so I walked or had a ride from someone else. "

As you can see it is on average. I would expect a better job from the authors on this. It is behind the curtain that you really learn the strategy and the possible tips and tricks of the case to score really well.

Writing Section


This section is cracked between 8 questions for the integrated task and 8 for the independent task AKA the essay you have to write for the TOEFL iBT. What I do not like, even though I must admit they did a good job, is once again the sample essays. For instance in the first one:

"loyalty is the most important quality in choosing a friend"

They do not follow strictly the template to score 6 in this section. The restatement of the stimulus is not the top-notch in terms of paraphrasing. The hooks for the subsequent 1# and 2# paragraphs are not five stars as I would be expected. The stuff is pretty flat.

Appendices Section


This section, I like quite a lot. They have tried to summarize, teaching the students, guidance notes such as how English works and making a sentence. For instance, the latter is useful for novices when they are going to write the independent task: sentence structure and subject-verb agreement.

The Bottom Line

I must admit this book is spring water for those have already exhausted the official material and want to practice more for the exam. My suggestion is to use the book before, as always suggest, the last stage during which should be mandatory to use the Official Material. The best feature of the book is its value for money. So, if you are looking for tons of questions, a good compromise of quality/quantity, with this book you are welcome.
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5 lb. Book of TOEFL Practice Problems - Review   [#permalink] 05 Jan 2018, 12:14
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5 lb. Book of TOEFL Practice Problems - Review

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