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570 to 750

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Joined: 01 Aug 2018
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570 to 750  [#permalink]

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New post 01 Aug 2018, 08:54
I had got 570 in last CAT can anyone help me with the approu to get 750 in 50 days

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Re: 570 to 750  [#permalink]

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New post 01 Aug 2018, 22:00
Hi Bhuwan1222,

The 750+ Score is approximately the 98th percentile, meaning that 98% of Test Takers either CAN'T or WON'T do what it takes to score at that level. From your post, it's not clear how long you've studied - or how you have studied, so it's not clear how long it might take YOU to get to that level. Raising a 570 to a 750+ will likely require at least another 3 months of consistent, guided study - and you'll have to make significant improvements to how you handle BOTH the Quant and Verbal sections. By extension, you might need to push back your planned Test Date. Thankfully, the GMAT is a consistent, predictable Exam, so you CAN train to score at a higher level.

Before I can offer you the specific advice that you’re looking for, it would help if you could provide a bit more information on how you've been studying and your goals:

1) How long have you studied?
2) What study materials have you used so far?
3) How have you scored on EACH of your CATs (including the Quant and Verbal Scaled Scores for EACH)?

4) When are you planning to apply to Business School?
5) What Schools are you planning to apply to?

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Re: 570 to 750  [#permalink]

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New post 02 Aug 2018, 00:12
Hi Bhuwan1222,

Going from 570 to 750 will require dedicated effort from your end to do whatever it takes to improve your ability. GMAT tests higher-order reasoning skills and not language skills so it will be important that you build core skills that are required to score well in GMAT. In order to help students plan for their GMAT in a manner that suits them, we created a detailed article on Personalized Study Plans for 100+ score improvement. Along with guidelines to create a personalized plan, we have also provided 3 sample plans that you can adapt to your situation. The last sample study plan is for improvement from 600 to 750 which can be easily adapted to your situation. You can write to us at for any queries regarding the study plan.

Here are a few examples of students who improved from a 500+ score to a 700+ score:
    • Bruno improved from a 540 to 730 in 1 month. See how he focused on "logical approach" and building "core skills". Click here to watch his amazing video debrief.
    • Ashray improved from 560 to 760 (V42). He leveraged the "course architecture" and Scholaranium to "precisely identify his weak areas" and improved up on them. Click here to read his amazing debrief.

Hope this helps!

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Re: 570 to 750  [#permalink]

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New post 07 Aug 2018, 10:03
Hi Bhuwan1222,

I’m glad you reached out, and I’m happy to help. Increasing your score by 180 points is going to be quite a challenge, and it’s highly likely that you will need more than just 50 days to improve your GMAT score to such a high level.

Can you earn a 750? YES, YOU CAN. YOU JUST HAVE TO WANT THAT SCORE MORE THAN 99% OF YOUR COMPETITION. That being said, once you answer the questions asked, and I learn some more about your situation with the GMAT, I’ll be happy to provide some further advice.

In the meantime, you may find this article about how to score a 700+ on the GMAT helpful.

Scott Woodbury-Stewart

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Re: 570 to 750  [#permalink]

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New post 08 Aug 2018, 11:57
Bhuwan1222 wrote:
I had got 570 in last CAT can anyone help me with the approu to get 750 in 50 days

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You should better focus on a solid study plan with sound strategy. Here is a study plan for you

Best Books

For Concept Learning

Manhattan Quant Guides
Manhattan Verbal Guides
For CR: The Powerscore GMAT Critical Reasoning Bible
For RC: Aristotle RC Grail

For Practice

The Official Guide for GMAT 2015-18
The Official Guide for GMAT Quantitative Review 2015-18
The Official Guide for GMAT Verbal Review 2015-18

Best Courses (Budget)

1. Empower GMAT
2. Math Revolution (Only Math)
3. E-GMAT (Only Verbal)

You can start with Quant or Verbal which suits you. If you have started with Quant then Start with the Arithmetic but if started with verbal then start first with Sentence correction. One month for learning Quant concepts and one month for practicing question and same practice for Verbal. During you Practicing question don't forget to make an error log to track your weak areas after practice. Once you know your weak areas revise your Concepts related to those areas and do some more Practice. 6-8 CATs are enough for practice the real tests. Make your Stamina for sitting 3 hours in the test and don't study more than 2 hours in one sit and 4 hours per day

Top CATs for Practice

1. Official GMAC CATs
2. Manhattan CATs
3. Kaplan CATs
4. GMAT Club Quant CATs

Good Luck
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Best of Luck on the GMAT!!
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Re: 570 to 750  [#permalink]

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New post 09 Aug 2018, 00:37
Bhuwan1222 wrote:
I had got 570 in last CAT can anyone help me with the approu to get 750 in 50 days

Sent from my iPhone using GMAT Club Forum

Hi Bhuwan1222,

50 days may be a bit less to improve your score drastically but you can surely try. It’s a good thing you have taken a GMAT Mock once. You now know your weaknesses and work on them. If you are willing to study dedicatedly for that period, you are sure to achieve your goal. I think you need to solidify you base and adopt a proper technique to answer the questions. I believe you may benefit from taking a GMATPREP course. If you are willing, there are some great GMAT prep companies that can help you with your preparation.

In order to make an informed decision I would highly encourage you to go to their websites and try on their free trial and decide for yourself which one do you like better. You can try out free access to EmpowerGMAT, ExamPal and Optimus Prep as they have great reviews on GMATCLUB.

Also for verbal, I would highly encourage you to consider e-gmat verbal online or the e-gmat verbal live course. They are both amazing courses especially designed for non-natives. They offer almost 25% of their courses for free so you can try out their free trial to decide which one you want to go for. Plus the e-gmat Scholaranium which is included in both the courses is one of the best verbal practice tools in the market. You can easily track your progress in that you can identify your strengths and analyze and improve on your weak areas.

You can also try out the MGMAT guides they are phenomenal and cover the entire syllabus really well. MGMAT foundation of GMAT Quant anf foundation of GMAT verbal will particularly help you solidify your base. I must add that if you are particularly looking to discover and improve on your weak areas in Quant; a subscription to GMATCLUB tests is the best way to do that. They are indeed phenomenal and will not only pinpoint your weak areas but also help you improve on them. Please Note, that you should only do GMATCLUB tests once you have covered the base and looking to further enhance your concepts as GMATCLUB tests are a bit more difficult than the actual GMAT.

Further taking multiple mocks might help. Apart from the GMATPREP, Manhattan GMAT tests and Veritas Prep Tests in my experience have good verbal and Quant section and will certainly help you point out and improve your weak areas.

Further another advantage of taking many mocks is to build up your stamina. Apart from the GMATPREP tests, taking practise tests of any major GMATPREP company ought to do that.

I would also encourage you to purchase the latest version of OG and the verbal review for some great additional practice. Here is a link that will help you with your decision. ... ml?fl=menu

Lastly, you can check out a very interesting article by Mike McGarry from Magoosh detailing a 3 month study plan ... -students/. You will find it very helpful as it gives out a study plan as per your needs.

Hope this helps. All the best.
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Re: 570 to 750  [#permalink]

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New post 09 Aug 2018, 01:11
Bhuwan1222 wrote:
I had got 570 in last CAT can anyone help me with the approu to get 750 in 50 days

Sent from my iPhone using GMAT Club Forum

Getting to a 750 Gmat score is difficult but not impossible in 50 days. I don't know the resources that you have used. But I suggest to study from the MGMAT guides. They are comprehensive and cover the entire Gmat syllabus. Analyze the mock test that you appeared for and start working on your weaknesses. For practice you should solve the OG and Review guides. You can also find a lot of resource on this forum. Time your practice sessions. Try to solve each question in 2 min duration, although some may take more. After 1 month appear for another Gmatprep test and check your progress.
Hope it helps. All the best.
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Re: 570 to 750   [#permalink] 09 Aug 2018, 01:11
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570 to 750

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