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670 Q50 V31- 8th December 2012

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Joined: 11 Oct 2012
Posts: 2

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Concentration: Marketing, Entrepreneurship
Schools: IESE '16
GMAT Date: 12-08-2012
670 Q50 V31- 8th December 2012 [#permalink]

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New post 08 Dec 2012, 03:46
Hey Guys,
I did my Gmat today and got a score of 670 Q50 V31.

Just want to share my experience with ya'll.

Age- 26
Degree - Bachelor in Arts & Humanities
Post Graduate Diploma in Management (Marketing)

Let me come right to the point. My first Gmat attempt today. I gave 5 Manhattan Gmats 590,620,620,590,620 and Gmat prep 1st attempt-620,660 2nd time 660

Strength - Quant, SC
Weaknesses - RC & CR

I wanted a score of 700 and knew that the mock tests dont support me for dat. So, I decided to go with a plan.

Read AWA essay which is rated 6 in OG. Copied the 1st and last para so that i have a strong structure. Along with that i evaluated the essay well. So essay went fine(NOT too well)

Strategy was to ignore the section as it does not weigh too much in application process right now but it was f***ing easy. I passed out in the second question and took 4 mins to do it. But gained a lot of momentum moving forward and i think i nailed it with a min on the clock. Score not out yet.

It was a strength area for me(except Probability and some difficult inequality+absolute value probs)..
I had a plan to tackle question which were my strength and make an educated guess for prob areas(in 60 secs). It was just too easy man. I had read that if u dnt get probability quest then you probably wont get a high score but believe me NOT EVEN a single prob question. I had a good feeling when i completed the section.
Strategy for quant - I WROTE on every f***ing page of scratch pad -- WHAT IS THE QUESTION ASKING. Believe me it helped. I paced the section well and checked the clock every 5-7 questions and twice i realized that i was moving too fast. But what to do, the section was god damn easy. Still, went to Plan B i.e do every calculation on paper and cross check the answer. So i implemented the strategy effectively. Guys plz check the inequality section for relationship between x, 1/x, x2 for numbers b/w -1 and 1. PLZ do it, its gonna help to score well.

It was not a strength area and i knew the facts. Only thing i reminded myself of was the fact that i have to implement the plan, i.e RC- Focus on only structure and major directions, rest everything is details. CR- Dnt assume even a tiny thing. SC- It was a strength for me, so spend 60 secs max on SC probs.

Now it opened with a SC and moved on with CR probs. I got 4 RCS. I actually thought that i was doing a decent job but a few nasty CR's threw me off track completely. Then i got a BIGG RC but i focussed only on structure. To be very honest, you have to be a master to judge if your last ans was right or wrong in Verbal. Things seemed to be moving well and i completed the section with 60 secs to go. I knew that verbal had blown me but was expecting 34-35 in verbal.

In the end when i checked my score I had mixed feelings. Happy with the fact that i performed well than the Mock tests but a little unhappy that i got less than 700.

Guys, I went with a plan coz i knew that I am not too intellect or too good in verbal. So i implemented the same. I think the 2 red bulls and snickers did help me. Watched Limitless overnight to stay motivated and listened to TRANCE before the exam. :twisted:

Now its your turn. Please assist me and tell me which schools to apply. Have sent my score to
SDA Bocconi
IPADE Mexico
EADA Barcelona ( Only coz of FCB)

Cheers and thanks Gmatclub community.

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Joined: 10 Aug 2012
Posts: 3

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GMAT Date: 07-25-2013
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Re: 670 Q50 V31- 8th December 2012 [#permalink]

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New post 08 Dec 2012, 10:22
Hi, I am new here. I do not understand how the scores are valuated. If I am not wrong I had seen some other person with the same Quantitative and Verbal scores scoring above 700+.

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Joined: 09 Aug 2011
Posts: 35

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Location: United States (KY)
Concentration: General Management, Strategy
GMAT Date: 11-15-2012
WE: Information Technology (Other)
Re: 670 Q50 V31- 8th December 2012 [#permalink]

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New post 10 Dec 2012, 19:31
Congrats on your score! can you tell us the breakdown of each of your Manhattan CATS? verbal and Quant? I want to see how that compares
to your actual score breakdown.

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Re: 670 Q50 V31- 8th December 2012   [#permalink] 10 Dec 2012, 19:31
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670 Q50 V31- 8th December 2012

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