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720 (Q49 V39)

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Joined: 19 Oct 2008
Posts: 4
720 (Q49 V39) [#permalink]

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New post 22 Dec 2008, 00:45
Hi everyone,

I was never active on this forum, but I'm here to share my experience anyway because I'm really thankful for the gmat club tests.

Preparation (Approximately less than 2 months)
1. Completed both Verbal and Quant OG, but didn't complete the compiled book.
I found the questions in this book to be rather simple, except for questions towards the end which were more difficult. Personally, I think that the most difficult questions in these books are less difficult than the questions in the actual test.

2. Did about 12 of the GMAT club quant tests.
Every time I completed one test, I would review the entire test and copy into a notebook the answers of the questions I got wrong, and also questions which were correct but had a more "elegant" answer than mine.

Honestly, I think the gmat club tests were the single most helpful resource for the quant section. You won't get the exact same questions in the actual test, but I realized that during the actual test I frequently relied on some answer methods that worked in the gmat challenges.

If you have more time, I definitely recommend you to complete all the challenges.

Also, I think occasionally the answers to the GMAT challenges assumes that the reader knows some math principles. If you need a refresher on these principles e.g. odds/evens or permutation/combination, then you can read the MGMAT quant books.

3. Read the MGMAT SC book twice.
Nothing else I can say about this book that hasn't been said by other people. Its the holy grail of gmat sentence correction.

4. Practised GMATprep test 3 times
I think these tests are the most accurate indicator of your actual score. Frankly, I was quite demoralised because I was scoring frequently 26/37 on the gmat challenges, and thought I wouldn't get a good enough quant score, and I was quite pleasantly surprised the first time I did the GMAT prep tests.

GMAT Prep 1: 700
GMAT Prep 2: 740
GMAT Prep 1 (repeat): 720 (Didn't get many repeat questions)

Actual Test Day
My test was at 9am, so I woke up at about 5 plus so I could practise and look through the gmat challenges again. I did this because during preparation I found that I needed some time to get into that "solving quant questions" groove. Some people need more sleep, I just needed to get into that groove. So just find whatever works for you.

If you're stuck on a difficult question, skip it. I was stuck on a particular question that took up a lot of time, which left me with about 15 minutes for 10 questions? My time management skills are pretty bad haha!

But yes, if you're stuck, make an intelligent guess and get over it. Its better than being pressed for time in the last 5 questions. I was really nervous and anxious that I wouldn't be able to finish the quant section. Not a good feeling really, and it even affects your ability to think straight.

Verbal section - nothing much really. I just wished I did more preparation for this section, because they could definitely be better.

Ending Thoughts
Guess I'm done with the gmat for now. I just needed to get a good enough score for admission to grad school, and I think 720 should be enough. But I guess 3 or 4 years down the road, 720 might not be good enough. (Next time, I'll definitely give myself more time to prepare, so that I have time to practise all the gmat challenges and prepare for the verbal section.)

I really hated the gmat test experience though. No water or food while taking the tests! No food I can understand, but no water?! No tissue paper/handkerchief either, so I hope none of you ever have the cold/flu while taking the test.

By the way, applicants in certain countries have to present a passport as identification. I wasn't even admitted to the test the first time, simply because my passport had expired. So I had to apply for a passport before I could even take the test. Quite a ridiculous rule I thought. At least I'm planning to travel overseas, but what about the people who are not? Now these people have to apply for a passport they're not going to use for the foreseeable future simply because an organization thinks themselves to be high and mighty? (Yes, I really really hate the entire GMAT process.)

Anyway, good luck everyone!
Senior Manager
Senior Manager
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Joined: 28 Feb 2007
Posts: 296
Re: 720 (Q49 V39) [#permalink]

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New post 22 Dec 2008, 02:08
excellent score! Good luck on application!
Joined: 11 Apr 2008
Posts: 198
Re: 720 (Q49 V39) [#permalink]

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New post 22 Dec 2008, 02:33
Congrats Kil, You have killed the GMAT in a short time.
Good luck for the application process.

Nobody dies a virgin, life screws us all.

Re: 720 (Q49 V39)   [#permalink] 22 Dec 2008, 02:33
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720 (Q49 V39)

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