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Age Problems

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Age Problems  [#permalink]

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New post 16 Jul 2014, 06:38

Age Problems

This post is a part of the Special Questions Directory focusing on Quant topics traditionally neglected and not covered by conventional sources but still tested on the GMAT. Many of these are above average difficulty questions

This type of questions are a sub-category of word problems and are quite common for the GMAT. For example, OG13 and Quantitative Review have several questions of this type. Most often they are PS questions and quite easy to solve, though in some cases word translation can be tricky.

PS: (GMAT Club) ... 65766.html (OG) ... 65316.html ... 74478.html ... 62803.html ... 44435.html (OG) ... 67918.html (OG) ... 32135.html ... 90386.html ... 65315.html ... 04243.html ... 32076.html ... 65314.html ... 28906.html ... 38808.html ... 62041.html ... 64898.html (OG) ... 67004.html (OG) ... 31477.html ... 87961.html ... 87968.html ... 87973.html ... 87975.html ... 87976.html ... 17199.html ... 89008.html ... 05338.html ... 47183.html ... 56855.html ... 58802.html ... 59567.html

DS: ... 26832.html ... 88408.html ... 48090.html ... 88408.html


New to the Math Forum?
Please read this: Ultimate GMAT Quantitative Megathread | All You Need for Quant | PLEASE READ AND FOLLOW: 12 Rules for Posting!!!

GMAT Math Book | Triangles | Polygons | Coordinate Geometry | Factorials | Circles | Number Theory | Remainders; 8. Overlapping Sets | PDF of Math Book; 10. Remainders | GMAT Prep Software Analysis | SEVEN SAMURAI OF 2012 (BEST DISCUSSIONS) | Tricky questions from previous years.

Collection of Questions:
PS: 1. Tough and Tricky questions; 2. Hard questions; 3. Hard questions part 2; 4. Standard deviation; 5. Tough Problem Solving Questions With Solutions; 6. Probability and Combinations Questions With Solutions; 7 Tough and tricky exponents and roots questions; 8 12 Easy Pieces (or not?); 9 Bakers' Dozen; 10 Algebra set. ,11 Mixed Questions, 12 Fresh Meat

DS: 1. DS tough questions; 2. DS tough questions part 2; 3. DS tough questions part 3; 4. DS Standard deviation; 5. Inequalities; 6. 700+ GMAT Data Sufficiency Questions With Explanations; 7 Tough and tricky exponents and roots questions; 8 The Discreet Charm of the DS; 9 Devil's Dozen!!!; 10 Number Properties set., 11 New DS set.

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Re: Age Problems  [#permalink]

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New post 22 Nov 2016, 13:42
Thanks for this awesome repository. I learnt a lot doing these problems and found myself stuck in some places. The answers from fellow members helped narrow down my errors! Yay!

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Re: Age Problems  [#permalink]

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New post 26 May 2018, 07:35
This question: ... 32135.html

Shouldnt be here I think, does not have any options choices.
GMAT Club Bot
Re: Age Problems   [#permalink] 26 May 2018, 07:35
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Age Problems

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