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Answering Questions

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Senior Manager
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New post 17 Jun 2004, 23:56
Hi ... (long post .. to be read with patience and perhaps with a coffee)

This site indeed fantastic. I have been visiting this site for a long time, and my gmat preparation has gone much better. With due respect to the moderators .... I have complains too.

When some one asks a question, most of them, MOST of them post the answers as ...(example of answers from users)

1. E
2. A (I shall explain if this is correct)
3. D (is that right ?)
4. Hmmm .... C seems good too, but I choose D
5. B - Not sure.

I mean, look at this above answers, does this really give a solution to what the user has asked. This is no quiz forum, or LOTTO. (Pardon me for using hard words). MODERATORS, YOU HAVE MY PERMISSION TO EDIT THIS, if you feel, it is not worth it. Not many explain why they choose the answer to be correct. By explaining why they choose that answer, not only wud they learn, but also the person who asked the question. Example...

b. I choose C because, A has tense problem, C is not parallel ...Then we, who ask questions would understand.

I made many mistakes in CR, SC etc...I use to answer the questions, explaining each and every choices. This helped me a lot, when I encountered a wrong answer from my side. This really helped me to correct my way of analysis. And later seeing others post one letter answer, I really lost interest in answering.

For those who feel awkward to explain their views on choices, do not think of what others wud say (they never have commented bad in here, never) or feel about the way you think and analyse. It is we who would benefit from correcting our errors. Imagine, giving your views on a CR, and it may be the most stupid way of analysis, and you correct it. TO your surprise, you see a very, very similar one in real GMAT, man, ... you will answer it with confidence. Thats because, you would not forget your stupid/crazy analysis. When you answer with just one letter, trust me, even if your answer is correct, after sometime, you may pick the wrong one as well, because you do not know why you picked that choice. This is no luck game brothers.

I know this is time consuming to explain, but there are not more than 15 CR in day or 15 SC in a day. You do not have to answer, those which have answers similar to your analysis. Only when they differ can you provide your analysis.
Had I been posting answers like C, A, D without explaination, perhaps, I would have been in the same level as I was with the first post.
So far complains....Pardon me again.

Well you know wht I wud suggest. Ofcourse, to answer with explainations.

Thanks guys for the help. I just have one more month for the GMAT. Just 4 weeks..........trmmmmm .... trmmmmmmmmmm I believe that if i learn 5 CR and 5 SC tech correctly, it is much better than answering 15 correctly without knowing how it is.

Thanks for reading this patiently and hope you would cooperate.
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New post 18 Jun 2004, 00:36
Yes, i always say that and i always try to explain. carsen, the best way to create a culture is by starting with ourselves. I have always explained wherever i could. I already have guys like paul, anand, you, grace , enigmatic, ob, vivek, halle.., stolyar, emmanuel, bhai, satya, mayur... ( please excuse me if i missed your name) who try to explain. so slowly but surely, I think we have made some progress. i see a lot of real discussion on the verbal forum. The reality is that not everyone has the time to explain in detail. one of the other reasons is that.. guys try to guess answers.. and thus cannot offer an explanation for it.

I am trying to find a solution to this problem. I was thinking of some extra privileges for members who contribute. maybe a rewards based system. let me see what i can do for you guys who work so hard to help others.

thanks for your concern
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  [#permalink] 18 Jun 2004, 00:36

Answering Questions

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