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Does Financial Sponsorship Boost Odds of EMBA Admissions Success?

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Does Financial Sponsorship Boost Odds of EMBA Admissions Success?  [#permalink]

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New post 28 Dec 2019, 09:53
From Dr. Shel (Shelly Watts),, email:

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Does Financial Sponsorship Boost Odds of EMBA Admissions Success?

Many candidates have the enthusiastic support of their companies in the EMBA application process, but their companies are not providing funding (corporate financial sponsorship) for the EMBA program. They worry about whether their odds of admissions success will be lessened greatly if they must apply for an EMBA program without corporate financial sponsorship. Will their odds for admissions success be hurt without corporate financial sponsorship? In the vast majority of cases lack of corporate financial sponsorship won’t cause a rejection, but if you have some level of corporate financial sponsorship, it can enhance your candidacy. In other words, if you don’t have corporate financial sponsorship, don’t worry too much; but if you do have it, be happy. Let me explain a bit more.

In general, a candidate who lacks financial sponsorship will not be hurt by that fact in the admissions process. That is, it is very unlikely a top school will reject a candidate for the main reason that they lack corporate financial sponsorship. After all, many candidates do not have corporate financial sponsorship and the business schools do not assume that a lack of corporate funding means your company is not enthusiastic about you or your participation in the EMBA program. Rather, it is simply the case that many companies do not offer such funding, and in other cases, the company cannot afford to pay for a program with such a big price tag.

At MBA, we have found that the top business schools give well-qualified candidates who clearly have a promising future deep consideration, regardless of whether or not they have corporate financial sponsorship. The top schools want great students in their programs and don’t want to turn down a great leader and professional because their company was not in a position to offer funding to them.

But, for candidates who have some level of corporate financial sponsorship – full or partial – it can help the odds of success for candidates who are “on the edge” in terms of their qualifications, or who are part of a highly competitive applicant pool (like foreign nationals from India or East Asia). When a sponsor letter proudly states that the company is sponsoring a candidate financially because they are high-potential, it can enhance a candidacy. Also, if a highly qualified candidate has funding, School A doesn’t particularly want to see that candidate take their hundreds of thousands of dollars to School B instead.

Wharton is one of the rare schools to require that its younger applicants (less than eight years of experience) attain corporate financial sponsorship. Wharton candidates with more years of full-time work experience are not required to have corporate financial sponsorship. Most other EMBA programs do not require corporate financial sponsorship and the schools are quite aware you can fund the program through loans and your savings.

So, to underscore a key point: if you don't have corporate financial sponsorship and are applying to a school that is not requiring it (which is the case at most EMBA programs), don't worry! You are in the same boat as a lot of other candidates. Your letters of recommendation can attest to your great performance and your company's support for you. You can still enjoy good odds for success with a well-crafted EMBA application (essays and recommendations).

Do you need assistance in preparing an outstanding application to an EMBA program? Feel free to reach out to us!

Best wishes,
Dr. Shel (Shelly Watts)
President, MBA
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Does Financial Sponsorship Boost Odds of EMBA Admissions Success?   [#permalink] 28 Dec 2019, 09:53
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Does Financial Sponsorship Boost Odds of EMBA Admissions Success?

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