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Evaluation request for Round II this year/Round I 2019

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Joined: 07 Aug 2015
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Evaluation request for Round II this year/Round I 2019  [#permalink]

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New post 16 Dec 2018, 13:52
Dear Admissionado,

Thank you for all the assistance that you have provided me on my MBA admissions journey. Originally, I was planning to wait until the fall of 2019 to apply to MBA programs to build up my work experience; however, I figured that applying to some programs this year would be a good way to get a feel for the application process (and perhaps get accepted to one of my top choice schools).

I chose to apply to Yale and Northwestern this fall, and got denied at Northwestern and waitlisted at Yale after an interview. I am not yet applying to any Round II schools, and I'm planning to enroll in the HBX CORe program in January to help strengthen my position on Yale's waitlist. (I expect to get my CORe results back in mid-April, which would fall after Yale's round II decision date (April 2) but before the round III date (May 21).

An overview of my background/experience:
27 y/o white American male
3.66 GPA (magna cum laude) from a top-5 LAC; graduated in 2013
Graduated from a Master of Social Work Program earlier this year and working full-time at a Catholic social services organization in Indiana
780 on the GMAT (Q50, V48, AW 6.0, IR 8) (took the GMAT in November 2016)
Work experience: worked for 1.5 years as an AmeriCorps VISTA member prior to grad school. I researched and gave presentations on unaccompanied child migration from Central America. I started my current position as a counselor in June 2018, so I will have about 2.5 years of work experience if I matriculate in 2019, and 4.5 years if I matriculate in 2020.
(I also spent a year in a religious order, and although I wouldn't really count it as work experience, I figure I should put it on my resume so schools aren't wondering what I did the year after I graduated from college.)
As I mentioned above, I am planning to enroll in the HBX CORe program in order to gain a background in finance, microeconomics, and analytics. I believe this coursework will help demonstrate to schools that I am prepared to take on MBA-level quantitative coursework.

Intern/volunteer experience: The MSW program involved about 1,000 hours of field experience. I interned at a mental health center for the first half of those hours, and for the second half, I interned at a homeless services agency in DC. I also interned at a men's transitional home in the summer of 2016, and worked on a project to assess residents' perspectives on the program. I also spent 3 months living and working with immigrants from Central America at a shelter in Houston back in 2013.

I am greatly enjoying my work as a counselor. However, I am ultimately hoping to pursue an MBA so that I can transition to nonprofit management. My goal is to help nonprofits grow and develop so that they can better serve their clients. Following graduation, my plan would be to work as the director of development for a medium-sized social services nonprofit, or as an associate director at a larger social services nonprofit.

Here are some questions I have at this time:

1. I would love ask Yale and Northwestern for feedback on my applications this year, as this could help boost my chances of acceptance the following year (or getting off the waitlist at Yale). Would it be a bad idea to reach out to them directly for feedback? I'm guessing the areas that I most need to strengthen are my work experience and quantitative background, but getting some confirmation on their end would be much appreciated.

2. Do you have any guesses about my chances of possibly getting off the waitlist at Yale after completing the CORe program? I imagine this is hard to answer, as the odds must change a lot from year to year.

3. I am greatly enjoying working at a Catholic nonprofit, and I hope to continue serving at a Catholic organization following my MBA studies. With this in mind, I have been thinking about Notre Dame and Georgetown, as both are Catholic universities that I believe will offer a solid nonprofit management education and a great career network. In fact, I have even been considering submitting an application to one or both of these schools for Round II of this year. What advice would you give about that option? Part of me feels it would be more prudent to wait until next year to apply (especially because I am still on the Yale waitlist).

4. If I don't get off Yale's waitlist, and if I don't apply to any schools for round II, then my plan would be to apply to a number of schools next year (ideally before the round I deadlines). Here is my list for round I 2019 applications at this point. I would appreciate any feedback you might have on my chances and on my goodness of fit for each program. I'm certainly open to adding other schools, but that may require taking some off this list (at least for Round I).

1. Columbia (would apply ASAP to benefit from the rolling admissions process)
2. Yale
3. Northwestern
4. Michigan
5. Duke
6. Notre Dame
7. Georgetown
8. Harvard

Thank you in advance for your feedback!

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Joined: 30 Nov 2009
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Location: Chicago, IL
Schools: Brown University, Harvard Business School
Re: Evaluation request for Round II this year/Round I 2019  [#permalink]

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New post 21 Dec 2018, 10:21
Happy to help! Here are some thoughts:
1) It's worth a shot but there's a good chance they won't give you any feedback since most schools do not. That said, it never hurts to ask! And either way it will show your continued interest in the program. (We do actually offer ding analysis services, so that would be another way to get some direction on what might have gone wrong & what to do differently next year. If you are interested, reach out to Claudia at and she can get you set up!)
2) Yeah, it's hard to say for sure, especially since we don't know for sure what went wrong in your application. You've got a super unique background & a solid set of goals. Your GMAT should assure them that you are up for the rigors of b-school even though the CORe program could help. My guess is that the CORe program is not going to be the "thing" that tips the decision but it definitely doesn't hurt to do it & it will demonstrate your commitment to improving your business foundation.
3) Honestly, you have a shot at much higher ranked schools than these, so while I think you'd have a very good chance of getting in R2, my advice would be to wait & reapply to higher ranked schools R1 next year. Honestly I am not just trying to make a sale here & I don't usually say this on this forum, but I am dying to help you with your app because I think you've got such good material & potential. :) But it is important how you use that material & tell your story. :) Seriously, if you do plan to reapply & would like some support definitely reach out to us. Julie Bowman in particular would be a great fit for you as a consultant since she works with a lot of our non-traditional applicants & is also one of the most experienced consultants on the team.
4) I think this is a good list. Other schools to consider are Tuck & Haas - I think you'd really like the culture at both & Haas also has a very strong non-profit program so you could make a strong argument for why it's a good fit for you. Ultimately our advice is to apply to 4-6 schools total so you have time to do your best work, but depending on how you budget your time you can potentially apply to 5-7 or even 8.

I hope that helps! :)
Jon Frank
Founder, Admissionado


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Re: Evaluation request for Round II this year/Round I 2019  [#permalink]

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New post 21 Dec 2018, 16:37
Thank you very much for your detailed response! I am very excited about learning more about Notre Dame and Georgetown, but I do plan to wait until next fall to apply to them. I will certainly keep the consulting offer in mind. Happy holidays!
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Evaluation request for Round II this year/Round I 2019

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